Welcome to PicLand, where I share some of the beauty, crazy and downright ‘must-click’, things I come across during my days. Enjoy :).

Note: Page will be updated soon.


Rough seas at The Crane, St. Philip.
Transport Board bus: I always feel like I should make my car smaller whenever one of these approaches me on a narrow road.
Okay, so usually snow-cone vendors have bicycles etc, this guy modernised it. Wish the picture wasn’t slightly blurred, but to be fair, I was in traffic.
This is some kind of workshop…no, all don’t look like this. I’m not quite sure what they do or fix, but they must be doing something right as they’ve been in business for years.
When I saw this, I just had to capture it. Simply stunning!
Poor bike lost its owner and apparently, a car somewhere is missing a wheel…
Rum shops are a staple of Barbadian society; you can barely pass a corner without seeing one. This particular shop is an older version of what some look like (yes, those are painted galvanised sheets). I’ll snap newer ones, when I’ve a chance.
Typical lifeguard hut. Er…and pram that just became my focal point :S.
These chattel houses are in need of repair. When I get a shot of one that’s not, I’ll upload as they can be really pretty. They are basically the original type of houses that could be found on Barbados (post-slavery). Nowadays it’s lots of brick.
Yes…I really was in a rock band a few years back.
To the untrained eye it looks like an ordinary van, but from it, you can get some of the best Trinidadian doubles on the island. Doubles are a kind of sandwich using flat fried bread and filled with ‘channa’ – chickpeas etc, topped with mango chutney, pepper, etc, dependent on an individual’s tastes.
My supermarket! Well a portion of it and not mine per se, but I love it cause I usually find everything I want.  Also, what the guy is doing on the roof, I’ve no clue.
There is something about this shot that resonates with me . . .


There was something about this house, ‘caged’ in by this tree that caught my attention.


When the realisation of a natural pattern hits you in the face.


Take the path.


Someone wanted new shoes.



8 thoughts on “PicLand

  1. You’ve got a wonderful selection of pics Jackie…so real and honest. Personally I wouldn’t worry about the technical stuff – the background information is much more interesting.

    As someone stuck on the dry prairies of Canada, that water looks so inviting.

    Finally, it would be nice if you post something about this background picture you have…where is it from?

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