Love reading? Have something to say? Whether you’re an avid fantasy buff, still arguing over which is better Star Trek or Star Wars, a writer interested in promoting your book to others, or, just want a place to drop a random line about books, writing, life, you name it, this page is entirely for you.

In short, come in relax and join the conversation. Ashlee and I can’t wait to talk about anything and everything with you all :D.


Please Note: The Chatroom was closed in early 2013. However, in the event that readers want to participate once again, I’m willing to reopen ^_^.

52 thoughts on “Chatroom

  1. I’ll get the ball rolling and say a big HEY first of all. This week I’ve been reading Excavation by James Rollins and hoping mummies don’t come and eat me as I sleep ^^. What’s happening in your lives?

  2. If the mummies do come out, you just let me know…Need to know how far they are lol. Haven’t been reading as much lately, but I did go back to one of my Youthful loves, SVU, yup I said it! Love Winston Egbert!

      1. My aunt took a whole batch years ago and I never saw them again. No doubt my mum is probably glad my little sister was spared the Jessica, Elizabeth hand-me-downs at first, but little did she know Gossip Girl and others like it were right around the corner lols.

  3. I’ve been reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons… which is some of the most incredibly strange and horrifying science fiction I’ve read in a while… So much so that I can’t read too much in a row so in the meantime I’ve also been watching through the second season of an anime called Darker Than Black. Much as I love the first season, this is slowly disappointing me the more it goes on so I think I’m gonna erase my memory of its existence and go back to reading.

    Mummies no longer scare me because I have countermeasures in place in case they have another mass exodus from the Egyptian underworld… I have Brock Sampson on speed dial. He usually deals with them in a timely fashion.

  4. That vid made me lol! Also, that book sounds like a must borrow, I like things put there for the sole purpose of trying to horrify me, so I can try not to be.

    As for Darker Than Black, I wanted to watch that a while back after seeing it advertised on Anime News Network but, I totally forgot about the title. Thanks!

  5. Lmao, just read the comments. Feel like a Noob, because I had no idea what you all were talking about lol…RESEARCH as Uncle used to say, ‘and ONE more thing’…I freaking love Science again. The children made robots Robots from a manual! Gotta Love it. Any way back to reading, I need a good, inspire to write youthful book…without mummies…yes I said it.

  6. It was cool, they had to prove that they could work and put them through an obstacle course in and underwater…if only I had been able o stay abit longer…ah well hind sight is 20/20… mummified kids huh?

    1. I’m totally writing that now, don’t even think it lol. Also, yes, I agree on the Star Trek though in my case I think I didn’t give Star Wars a fair chance, watched it too late in life.

  7. Lol at Jon. So what have the creative peeps been up to? I got a haircut, then totally slept out the curls…thinking of re-reading a book by Margaret Mallory

    1. I’ve been sleeping until a few minutes ago, refusing to get up. But, I did a voice audition that went awesomely for a first time and I feel great that I got to try something new. Still reading James Rollins’ probably will be for a while as I read snippets when I can.

  8. And so begins the work week for me at least. I’d much rather be writing fiction, but will get to it when I can today. Watched AI for the first time yesterday (Steven Spielberg), I’d totally want that Teddy.

  9. Lol, gonna send you 2 articles as soon as I finish them! Eventhough I knew how tough working, fiction writing and the managing of social media was going to be, I was still so unprepared to factor in health and family obstacles…Not reading anything right now… but Doctor Who’s Premiere was AWESOME!!!

    1. *Head in the air huff of one who has not started watching that series*.

      Who else has issues keeping up with everything they have to do like Ashlee. I definitely do sometimes, but the important thing is to always press on.

  10. Hmm a place where you can talk about random stuff… this seems vaguely familiar, lol. Hey Jax, gotta say I like the idea. So have you ever read the night angel trilogy?

      1. Haha, touché, the difference is, here one doesn’t need to comment everyday and it takes up little moments of time instead of hours ^^. Only read the first in the series, but would love to finish it, was an absolutely fabulous read :)!

  11. Wow ok! Let me join this 3-some then if I’m not too late lol.

    Well,I just wanna say in this chat room that I’m fed up of women in the Caribbean not embracing their sexuality as other women do in this part of the world.

    A woman should be expressive and free without having to feel slutty. Just saying.

  12. I for one, haven’t read the trilogy…how good is it? Which book was best and what are they about? Looking for a good book to take my mind away from my troubles lol

    1. Lols, well you definitely get lost in the main character’s troubles that’s for sure. I’ve only read one and loved it, if Joseph or somebody else has read all, maybe they can help better. *looks around*

      1. lol you are correct jax. The first book is about a guy that is learning to become a wetboy (which is an assassin that uses magic) tho its much more than that. The story is good, the characters are funny, cool and above all tragic. Definitely worth a read. I got the first if you to borrow it and I got the 2nd and 3rd as pdfs which I can email if you want it jax.

      2. And yes, the characters are really great, they make you love them, despite their affinities, hang-ups, craziness. The writer is masterful at pulling you in and refusing to spit you back out.

  13. Sophie Jordan is my girl this week…hasn’t disappointed me yet 🙂 Lately been feeling to watch alot of romances…this is what hormones and sicky will do!

    1. You know its funny, I was talking to D’andre about random ghost stories and stuff. This is probably not my scariest moment, but it rates pretty high up there. When I was living in Ireland, there was some houses in my neighbourhood that were empty, for aslong as me or any of the other kids could remember. We weren’t sure why the houses were always empty, but the rumor was that the houses were haunted. To add to the mystique the houses also had pretty high walls, high enough so that curious kids couldn’t look in. All we could see was the roof and the upper half of the house so we knew almost nothing of what was on the other side of the wall.

      One day me and some of the guys were playing rounders (similiar to baseball) and one genius knocked a ball over that high wall and into the side of one of those empty houses. Shit got real. We stood around discussing our options, no spares balls, too early in the day to go home, so only one real option; go in and get the ball. That led to another discussion and in the end another boy and I volunteered to get it.

      Like I said before the wall was pretty high, higher than I was tall, so it took effort for me and the kid to get over it, took us a couple trys. Once on top we scanned the yard, we saw nothing there but the ball, so we jumped into the yard and froze. Nothing happened, no ghosts, no axe murderers running around a corner to kill us, but we still proceeded with caution. We slowly made our way to the ball. As we got infront of it, the kid with me reached for it then we heard a scream, loud and piercing. My heart went into overdrive, hair raised off my skin and I must have jumped a foot off the ground. I didn’t know where the scream came from because instinct took over.

      The next time I knew I was over that wall (don’t even remember climbing it) the kid with me. We were both having heart attacks, but then the kid opened his hands to reveal the ball in them. So we went back to playing rounders.

      1. The first thing I took from that story was – you lived in Ireland too? LOLS. Anyway on a serious note, I loved the re-telling, I literally could see everything happen as you related it. Thanks for sharing Jo and as for that scream – probability that some hermit decided to get rid of you guys and fast. Loved the story!

  14. I’ve never been afraid of clowns (that I can remember). One of my scariest moments was being dunked repeatedly by a ‘deranged’ aunt, in the otherwise beautifully calm and blue sea when I was younger. It shaped my fear of large bodies of water and is one of the reasons I haven’t learnt to swim, though, I’m in the process of (in a bit) changing that.

  15. Scariest moment ever? That is a tough one for me, I’ve had plenty! One involved a bus the other a moving vehicle, plus I live in the country…right now, I guess my scariest moment was seeing the back of a large trailer truck, swinging towards me. Hmm, will have to go and really think on this one lol

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