Short Stories

short1I often have ideas that I love so much I want to get them down on paper (er screen?) immediately. Either way, the point is that I don’t always want to expand them into full-length works and so they become shorts. These shorts are crafted so that if I ever decide to resurrect an idea and use it for all it’s worth, I can. For now though, they are simply just that – short stories.



Here are a few:

‘Don’t Stop’
‘The Climb’
‘Caterpillar Dreams’

See others in the Short Stories drop-down menu :).


Flash Fiction

‘Journal of Tea’


Please Note: More short stories and flash fiction across the genres of speculative fiction are available in Jacob’s Apocalypse and Other Stories a free read found here: ‘Jacob’s Apocalypse and Other Stories on Wattpad.’ You will also find other free reads at ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’  The Jacob’s Apocalypse short story is only found on Wattpad.

Enjoy 🙂


For public use queries or general information regarding these stories, please use the contact form below. For more information about the original content found on this blog, please see the Disclaimer page.

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