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Budget Boss

How to Start an Online Business Without Breaking the Bank

Genre: Entrepreneurship/Business/Inspiration/Self-Help Year: 2012

About: Helps you start an online business without spending loads on startup. Covering a range of topics from marketing to solopreneur tips. The book is full-colour with many examples and links to helpful software, apps, and articles.

It also includes: Budget Boss Workbook 1 (follow along with handy exercises). and Budget Boss Roadmap (a 5-day journey to starting your online business).

Monday Insights

Inspiration & advice to get your week started right!

Genre: Inspiration/Self-Help | Year: 2013 – 2014

A selection of blog posts with an inspirational vibe. Focusing on the idea of facing insecurities, mistakes, etc, and growing through them instead of beating yourself up all the time.

What to Expect: Editors

Genre: Educational/Developmental/Self-help | Year: 2015

Take my 37-min Copywriting course on Skillshare | Request writing-related content

Genre: Love & Relationships/Self-Help/Inspirational | Year: 2018

For more info about any of these books, please contact me :).

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