The Wardens Series (S01E01: Skins) – 2012

Chapter 2

Zach frantically switched to his GPS device so he could monitor Erin’s movements. She was always trying to save the world killing one monster at a time, which was noble, but not their job. Wardens were supposed to hunt down, observe and curb the violent behaviour of the many supernatural beings they hunted. They worked for Praesidium, referred to by employees as the organisation. Its headquarters were in Middlesbrough, England, but they were sent all over the world on cases, with wielders of powerful dark magic one of their most coveted weapons.

He’d had another partner before Erin, a woman who’d followed the rules and didn’t get him into trouble. When she’d transferred and became a member of the containment unit, Zach had been stuck with the new girl that no one had wanted as she was already known for using rather unorthodox methods. However, their employers seemed to like Erin for some reason and she continued to get away with way more than he would have ever dreamt of in his six years with the company.

Zach saw Erin making her way upstairs and hoped against all hope that she’d just take a tourist shot and get the hell out. The device in his ear buzzed to life.

“A little help here partner?”

“Jesus Erin,” he said annoyed, but was already jumping from the vehicle. He pulled his gun from its holster and ran towards the house. He wasn’t as gifted magically as Erin was and instead poured his knowledge of the craft into making weapons that were specially designed to combat supernaturals. His weapon looked like an ordinary Glock, but was chock full of spelled bullets that were able to penetrate the skin of many of the creatures they faced.

Lights were starting to go on inside the house and from Erin’s earpiece Zach could hear voices. This was not good. He ran faster, ignoring the pleasantries as he gave the door a hard kick. This didn’t work the first time and cursing under his breath at the pain in his leg, Zach blasted the knob with his gun, causing it to shatter and allowing the door to swing open.

Screams echoed down to him and Zach dashed upstairs, “Erin, which room?” he called to the wind, though it hadn’t been necessary as the screaming was no doubt coming from the last bedroom on the left. Zach had studied the plans of this house as he did every area they were told to survey and went towards it as though he lived there.

“Get out now,” he heard Erin shout and saw a small child, followed closely by two adults, come rushing terrified from the room. In a panicked daze, they paid little attention to Zach as he ran past. When he finally turned the corner, Erin was standing, a ball of black light poised to strike in her hand. Her smooth dark-caramel coloured skin seemed to glow under the glare of it and her honey-brown eyes stared intently at the soucouyant.

Zach could imagine what this room would look like on an ordinary day. It was the child’s room and was much like the one he’d shared with three others while growing up in England, minus the fact that it was outfitted with every comfort a little human could want. Tonight however, the scene was rather different. An old woman grabbed onto the wall half in and half out of her skin, hissing angrily at them. Zach aimed his gun at her, hating the way her greyish skin seemed to swing and hang as she skittered back and forth like a cornered roach.

“Nowhere to run grandma,” Erin said, her eyes never once leaving the soucouyant. Zach stepped back, blocking the doorway with his body. He wasn’t the biggest guy around but was no pushover either. Built more like a swimmer than a linebacker, years of martial arts training had made him fitter than most, a fact he’d been thankful for since he’d been paired with Erin.

The soucouyant’s gaze flittered from him to her and Zach whispered, “We can still make it out, leave the rest for containment.”

Erin shook her head, “We’re already here and she’s cornered, what’s she gonna do?” As if angered further by their conversation, the soucouyant made a leap. She cleared Erin’s head and missed being struck by her magic by a hair.

“You just had to ask.” Zach pulled the trigger hearing flesh rip as he managed to hit the soucouyant, but she was fast and slithered past him, using the small space between his body and the doorframe for her escape.

“Shit,” Erin shouted pushing past him. She conjured another ball of light in her hand as she raced after the soucouyant.

“Erin, leave it, your spells will do the rest.” Zach tried, but he knew it was useless and followed his partner as she disappeared into what seemed to be the master bedroom. Seeing the soucouyant once again on the ceiling, her hands and feet easily keeping her suspended above them, Zach was glad that the lights in the house had been turned on. Her eyes glowed yellow now and if he had to see them with night vision, Zach was pretty sure he’d shiver a little with revulsion.

The soucouyant hissed at them, her greying hair hanging from her nearly bald head in thin strands. Erin inched closer and Zach, ready to back her up, steadied his aim.

Erin threw the ball of dark magical energy at the fiend with a loud grunt and Zach touched the trigger twice, letting the bullets do their work. The soucouyant screeched and fell from the ceiling, making another disturbing leap to one of the room’s windows. Zach followed her movements with gunfire, lighting up the room even more than it was, as Erin’s own brand ofviolencedid its work.

The soucouyant was being hit from all angles and like the tough leathery being she was, took it all in stride as she made a dash to another window. She smacked her body against it, the intention to break the glass and escape, but Erin had already covered that.

“Told you grandma, there’s nowhere to go.” As realisation hit the creature, her face took on an expression of pure rage. Erin and Zach steadied themselves, bracing for what was coming next, when suddenly from a distance they heard sirens.

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