The Wardens Series Season One

The world is not as we know it.
Hidden among us are dark creatures, some of them allies, but many, have only malicious intent.
In the midst, are the wardens . . .

“Supernatural Thriller/Fantasy, combined with heart-stopping action, mystery and dashes of dark romance.”

The Wardens 3DnewIntroducing The Wardens Series Season 1 – “5 books in 1 edition”! With 5 and 4 star ratings across the board for the books in this series, you don’t want to miss out on the supernaturally-charged first season of The Wardens Series!

The Wardens Series Season 1 (Episodes 1 – 5), contains 5 no-holds-barred episodes chronicling the fast-paced adventures of wardens Erin and Zach. Travel with them to countries across the world as they take on rogue supernaturals, break formidable rules and strive to keep dangerous secrets from ripping their friendship apart. Are you ready for this thrilling ride?

Get on board and immerse yourself in this world of Supernatural Thriller/Fantasy. The Wardens Series is unlike anything you’ve ever read and is definitely an experience to remember.

The Wardens Series Season Two available September 9 2015!


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Individual episodes in the first season:


SKINS (Episode 1)

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Skins Cover2Back Cover Synopsis

When a new threat takes wardens Erin and Zach to the far reaches of Kentucky, USA, they’re surprised at what they find.

Soucouyants, ancient beings obsessed with recapturing their youth and vitality, thoughtlessly drain humans of their life-giving blood and there’s only one way to make them stop.

Erin must bind the nest with her dark magic, aided by Zach, who prefers his gun to get the job done.

Will any of this be easy? Of course not.



HOWL (Episode 2)

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Howl Cover2Back Cover Synopsis

Not every lycan agrees with the law set by the head of the clans. Some make it their duty to disobey, biting humans and creating werewolves that run rampant, violence their driving force.

Erin and Zach travel to Toronto, Canada, in order to face this danger head on and soon realise that nothing is really as it seems.

As they witness the evolution of the werewolf species, they must also protect themselves from those who had sworn to defend the human race and as Zach tries to keep the truth of Erin’s past from her, she starts to wonder who she can really trust.



LUST (Episode 3)

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Lust CoverBack Cover Synopsis

Overwhelmed after learning what she is and furious with Zach for keeping it from her, Erin heads to Hong Kong, China alone, to work a new case for the leader of the Succubae & Incubi Nation (S.I.N).

Meanwhile, Zach’s interrogated like a common criminal, as their Praesidium superiors refuse to believe that Kaleb simply escaped from their custody back in Toronto.

With tensions running high and new life-changing secrets being revealed daily, Zach and Erin don’t need any more complications. Unfortunately, the vampire Jacob has other plans.



TAKEN (Episode 4)

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TakenBack Cover Synopsis

As Erin tries to understand the nature of what she is, Jacob moves in professing much more than love and could be just the escape she needs, but when a high level Praesidium member’s dhampir daughter goes missing, Erin and Zach must endeavour to put aside their differences, in order to find her.

With their journey beginning in England and their only leads a mysterious note and family photos, the wardens are going to have to do a lot more to get to the bottom of this, their most dangerous case yet.




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Cemetery Party CoverBack Cover Synopsis

The castle is guarded, powerful supernatural beings converge, yet the gathering in Elbasan County, Albania is wrought with danger.

Erin reaches her breaking point and becomes overwhelmed while trying to understand more about what she is. Zach tries to help, but with his own problems brewing, it could be that this time the wardens are on their own.

With threats coming from supposed allies and enemies underfoot, this year’s gathering will change everything.




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