Secrets (Return of the Guardian Trilogy, Book 1)

SECRETS (Return of the Guardian Trilogy, Book 1)

With the release of AYESTRA CALLING (Book 2 of the trilogy), October 21, 2015. Secrets is free to read here: ‘Read SECRETS Free!’

Secrets 3DnewSynopsis

On the surface Emma Cole has it all, looks, brains and supernatural strength that she’s not afraid to use. There’s just one thing missing . . . family.

Her search for her biological family takes her to Rushwood, Oregon and won’t be anything like the fairytale she’s conjured.

Her father wants her dead, the earthbound resistance wants her to lead and to reach her full potential, she must travel to a world outside of earth’s realm.

Betrayal and deception are the norm in Rushwood and even with help from unlikely sources, Emma’s fate is uncertain.

Family reunions aren’t supposed to end in battles to the death . . . this one will.


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Book 1 Trailer (local – Barbados – trailer)

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