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Posts dated 2011 – 2016

I originally started this site (as in November 2011. Posting wasn’t consistent initially, but from around 2012 – 2016, I posted three days a week without fail (mostly). Various reasons led me to archive the site.

For four years I hopped, skipped, and tried working with four or five other sites. Yea, I know it sounds a bit mad. Thing is, when your mindset and goals are all over the place, it’s really easy to do things like this.

Now I’ve come full circle to the place I started blogging. From March 2020, I’ve been writing about writing, life, new work and whatever I feel like really. Dig in to new posts weekly.

To get a sense of where I’ve come from, binge my archived posts below :).

Back then my most consistent themes were: Monday Insights, Random Wednesdays, or Friday Highlights posts. You can use the search bar to find them.

Pages Unforgotten

In the last three years my life was turned upside down. There were changes that made my head spin, people I loved that aren’t around anymore, and things I did that I’ve been both proud and dismayed about. For the majority of this time I kept blogging, sharing some of it in posts like Monday … Continue reading Pages Unforgotten

Polishing Those Pages

Querying is scary business. You’ve worked and slaved and bled over your manuscript, sometimes for so many months or years that you pretend you’re not counting. Now, you’re ready to send it out. Your query is bright¬†and shiny as a new penny, but how about those first pages? Here are some tips to help you… Continue reading Polishing Those Pages

Monday Special

You might have noticed my absence for the last two weeks and that’s because I had to take a short hiatus from regular posting. In addition to changing the format of the website, I also needed to catch up with some important writing and editing deadlines, as well as sort out some issues in my personal life. Continue reading Monday Special

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