Jackie Jones & Fiction

I have always loved to write. Even before my teen years, I remember how excited I’d be whenever we were given compositions as assignments in primary school. Still in this age-range, I remember writing my thoughts down constantly, as I often felt like I could not say them. I devoured words, which may be a clichè for many writers, but is one that I still embrace. I remember reading stories from Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire series at twelve and being strongly influenced by the character ‘Sita’. She remains the inspiration behind the main protagonist in my very first finished work (science fiction). There were many short stories between that and the next full length I wrote, but, I always view it as my first true effort.

My preferences are the genres of fantasy and science fiction, where I write across the spectrum (dark, YA, paranormal, etc). I also have a real soft spot for chick lit and have tried my hand at non-fiction, dark poetry and Caribbean literature.

For the better part of a decade, I lent focus to many other things instead of my career as a fiction writer and in more recent times, I’ve decided to stop sitting still and do something about the stories I want to have published. The idea of sharing thoughts that have bubbled inside of me for years, with others who love reading them, is one of the things that inspires me to continue.

I believe this is the time when all roads lead right back to where I started . . .

5 thoughts on “Jackie Jones & Fiction

  1. Jackie, Could you send me a .jpg of your gravatar image, so I can put a temp link to your site on my front page? When I try to copy it from the gravatar, I get a very tiny image.
    Thank you!
    tomaria at wcnet dot org

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