Popular Words & Phrases

N.B: Most of these are from around the time I began this blog. Since then I’ve called various things by their actual names as I became more comfortable blogging ^_^. Still, I left it around in case anyone wants to go back to 2012, when it all began lol :).

I have a tendency to not always use words and phrases  in the way they were intended and for others, that can sometimes be a bit strange. Then, they’re those words that aren’t words at all, but often say all you could without using ten of them. I decided to create this page as a way to allow my readers to keep abreast of the words and phrases I sometimes use in my posts or on Twitter and their meanings. Yes, I explain within the posts where they’re first found, but little reminders don’t hurt.

Here we go:

peddle baby: Science fiction manuscript I’m currently shopping to publishers and agents.
new kid: New fantasy story I’m working on. (Since I wrote this it’s been finished yay!)
OSCTBS: One Step Closer To Bestseller. An acronym a friend uses in support of my progress.
meh: A non-word I use when I’m feeling down and out; I also use it when I can’t be bothered with something.
wrock: Bad pun of the words writing and rock.

wrockers: Writers who rock.
wordergy: Sudden bursts of words that fit together perfectly.
b: Friend, buddy, mate, dude and the list can go on.
The YA: Young adult fantasy story I’m currently editing. (You guessed it, this was the new kid.)

YAntasy: YA Fantasy

Please note that most of these refer to slang found in my earlier posts, but there are still some that I continue to use.

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