#Pitmad Came to Me in a Dream, Might as Well Pitch

Today I decided to take part in #Pitmad, a Twitter pitch event. It’s the first time I’ll be doing something like this in over six years, but I’ve chosen to because it came to me in a dream. True story.

I’m not a lucid dreamer and can’t manipulate them as I please. Still, many times my dreams have worked out story issues, given me ideas I’ve run with, etc. In this case, I dreamt of Pitmad. The thing is, it wasn’t on my radar at all. No Twitter pitch events had been. In fact, I’d decided some time ago not to bother taking part anymore.

Yet there I was, waking from a dream about it five days ago. I check to see what’s what, and discover the next event is June 3. What are the odds?

Don’t misunderstand, my choice to avoid pitch events isn’t because I think they don’t work. They just haven’t worked for me so far. Despite getting many likes and subsequent full requests over the years, these pitch events hadn’t resulted in an agent/editor signing. So, I’d just figured they weren’t on my path.

Then along comes this dream, reminding me this event exists. Meanwhile, here I am with stories to pitch. Hmmm, what a to-do there was. Lol. Okay, all jokes aside, I’m taking another leap into the Twitter pitch party fray.

The way I think is this – even if it doesn’t result in the Twitter pitch events’ goal: being signed, I’m okay this time. Out of the blue, my dream world decided I needed a reminder. For some reason, the universe wants me to share. That reason could be simply to put myself out there again. Or, to be inspired knowing how many other writers are digging in with the craft and vying for spots. Who the heck knows why things happen sometimes?

All I know is I’m not ignoring the dream, so I’ll be pitching later today. If you’re pitching today as well, drop me a line with your Twitter handle, and I’d be happy to retweet your post :).

The next Pages Unforgotten post is on June 11. Until then try more posts on my Blog.

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