Do You Care About What I’m Writing? Does Anyone?

The title sounds like a writer having an existential crisis. I’m not though. It’s a logical question: Does anyone care about what I’m writing?

Sure I know my diehards. The people who will read everything I write even if it’s not in a genre or style they like – usually friends and family. I’m fortunate to have their brutal honesty, as they understand it only makes the work better. When I used to self-publish I remember the dedicated few too. Those lovelies outside of the diehard crew who just had to have Jackie Jones’ latest ^_^.

So where do the title questions come from?

I thought about this a lot when I used to market my books on social media, seems like ages ago now. I had all these people that’d click to follow, like and RT, and all the other stuff, but were they buying books? Not usually. They’d come to read free chapters on Wattpad (when I was active), leave comments, and so on, but seldom did this translate to sales.

For example, back in 2013 The Wardens Series Season 1 did just over a hundred sales, while the free reads and downloads were in the thousands, the second season did more on all fronts in 2014.

So what does this mean for my words? Do readers only care about what I’m writing if it’s free? Or if I have millions of downloads or a major book deal? Or did I spend too much time pushing to other writers, who were also pushing to me, and as such weren’t really paying attention to, or interested in what I was selling? The writer-writer/reader-writer cycle.

It took me a long while to believe in my work without needing external validation. I’m an older millennial and one of the things we’re great at is knowing we’re good at something but deciding we’re not good enough at that thing based on what others think. Yea, this is a damn hard habit to kick, but for the most part it’s gone.

Nowadays I know I have good stories. I know my writing is better with each one too. I know I have unique worlds, characters, and more to offer. So my question stands: Do you care about what I’m writing? If not, why not? Cause you should :).

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