Opinion: Being A Reader Isn’t Only Reading Books

Some time ago I shared What’s A Reader and Are You One? This post focused on the idea that there’s more to being a reader than devouring ten books a month . . . or something like that.

The way readers are portrayed – nose always in a book, never being too far from a book, or being able to go through books at rapid pace for example, is a bit of a grey area nowadays. That’s not always what a reader looks like anymore.

I grew up reading tons of books too. My love of reading didn’t stop, but the amount I did greatly waned during my twenties. Or so I thought.

The idea that I could no longer be considered a reader distressed me quite a bit. Reading a lot had always been a part of my identity. It brought safety, comfort, and an escape. I no longer felt like I could contribute to conversations with other readers when they asked what book I’d picked up lately.

Slowly I faded into believing and saying, “I used to read a lot, but I hardly get to anymore.” I made sure I said it this way, wanting them to know I didn’t because of reasons – not that I didn’t want to. All this because of my own embarrassment that I no longer did.

Not being a reader anymore, made me feel out of place, like I’d left a part of me behind.

I didn’t need to feel any of this. I hadn’t actually stopped being a reader, my content had just changed. Instead of going through loads of supernatural or adventure stories, I was reading lots for research purposes mostly for my then job as a journalist. I read random articles online all the time, my phone the first thing I turned to for content when I woke.

My reading experience now is similar. I go through news articles, recipe ideas, plant-related info, and lots more on a daily – reading, reading, reading, reading.

Judging for Ink and Insights lets me cheat a bit too, as I can go through 25k+ words a week while reading submissions.

The idea that you’re not a reader if you don’t read many books (fiction/nonfiction) is incorrect. If you’re thinking this way, and trying to emulate those that are reading lots of books, it can make you shy away from even wanting to try. When you feel like you won’t match up to the “great readers”, those polishing off a book or two a week, it can be daunting. Why bother starting if you’re only going to read half a page a week right? Wrong.

A reader is someone who reads. End.

Anyone can say you’re not a reader because you’re diving into gaming articles instead of Poe. No one however, can make you believe it, it’s simply not true. As long as you’re reading, taking in written content on a regular basis, you’re a reader. So, enjoy it :).

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