Embrace New Challenges to Grow Saturday Prompt

Today’s Saturday Prompt is brought to you by Embrace New Challenges to Grow.

Small plate; Small Bowl 21-Day Challenge is my made-up challenge aimed at using small-sized crockery for meals. My fianc√© and I decided we were going to take it on to encourage having smaller portion sizes. Though I don’t eat tons per serving to begin with, I still felt like I could cut down and try out smaller meals, more healthy snacking, etc.

Another challenge I started this month, was to finish a book/script a month for the next few months. This meant I’ve had to up the ante on how much writing I do. I’ve been figuring out how to balance the everyday with writing, and seeing the cracks in my armour where this stuff is concerned more clearly than ever before.

These two challenges aren’t always the easiest. With the small plate; small bowl for example, you don’t really realise how little goes on a smaller plate till you’re figuring out healthy dinners that fit.

With my writing . . . heh. I’m juggling the research required for the sci-fi novel I’m working on (it needs lots and takes time), with actually getting the story down and making sure the rest of my world isn’t lacking whatever it needs.

That said, I’m leaning in even when I really don’t feel like. I don’t always get it right, but if I continue trying I will.

You may want to start something new, or dig in to a challenge you’ve put off for whatever reason. I put off these two for months out of purely not wanting to. Now though, I feel almost weird if I don’t do them. Doesn’t make it less challenging at times, but my subconscious is starting to see them as a part of the “routine”.

I’ve already seen growth in various ways, including learning that taking on too many new challenges at once isn’t always the best idea. For example, I wanted to add a new workout regimen into the mix but quickly realised this might end up being counterproductive, as I’m not ready for it.

My mind’s still wrapping around what I’m doing now. I’m physically adjusting with the new way I’m eating, so overdoing with another new challenge (as I would have in the past), isn’t the way to go for me.

As for the two I’ve taken on this month, the real challenge is to avoid stopping as I have with other things in the past. If I choose to stop for no good reason I won’t be able to grow past the hurdles keeping me from evolving and improving.

It’s the same for all of us. Embracing challenges allows for growth. It lets us become better with each new step forward.

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