Inside Worlds: Unmasking the Cast (The Wardens Series)

Almost out of nowhere this idea – Erin and Zach are Sneaks, came to me in 2012. Even as I started writing about these two, I wasn’t yet entirely sure what their backstories would be, personalities like, nothing.

Many title drafts later and The Wardens Series‘ title was born. By then I had a pretty good grasp on Erin, Zach, and many of the others who make up this episodic series found within The Wardens Universe.

Get a firsthand look at a few of those in first two seasons of the series:

Available now: S01E01: Skins | S01E02: Howl | S01E03: Lust | S01E04: Taken

Behind-the-scenes: The show Supernatural inspired me to get cracking on my own buddy type series which of course became this one. I’d wanted to write something for while but had no clue what the characters would be like or anything. Watching that show helped me to settle and write instead of putting it off.

Partners Erin and Zach are at the center of the series. As wardens, hunting rogue supernaturals is just one of their jobs and there’s much more to it.

Below are four of the major players found in The Wardens Series S01. When I first introduced them back in 2013, these character cards featured people I felt would suit the roles. My choices for Erin and Zach have changed over the years, especially that Rihanna vote (I’ve another story I think she’d be perfect for though!). The other two choices (Damian & Jacob) remain the same.

To enlarge any of these pics, just click.

While Erin and Zach bring loads to the table, the rest of the cast keeps them on their toes. There aren’t any throwaway characters as each one impacts the story or the main characters in some way.

I’ve grown to love many of the characters in The Wardens Series, including supposed antagonists. Each individual thinks whatever they’re doing is right and good for their cause. Factions have their own internal struggles – even the wardens and containment officers have issues.

It’s been fun taking them all across the world and discovering how they feel about different places and situations.

Learn more about The Wardens Universe: Visit the TWU page | Inside Worlds

The Wardens Series S01 and S02 have episodes released weekly on my site during November and December. S01E01: Skins, S01E02: Howl, S01E03: Lust, and S01E04: Taken are already available. S01E05: Cemetery Party will be released on Nov 27. S02:E06: Home will be available on Nov 30 :).

Bookmark my Stories’ page so you don’t have to wait on post updates to know which stories are available.

Also in The Wardens Universe (TWU), read Erin’s Origin Story (MG – YA) a prequel story, and Praesidium’s Orphans (YA – A), which dives deeper into the lives of warden trainees. Praesidium’s Orphans Chapter 1: Wendigos is available now.

For more info, questions, or comments, share below or contact me :).

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