Inside Worlds: Join the Ranks (The Wardens Series)

The Wardens Series spans continents, features multiple supernatural races, and at the center are the wardens.

The general information below will help you not only get acquainted with the series, but understand the universe where these stories and many others within The Wardens Universe, are set :).

Available now: S01E01: Skins | S01E02: Howl

Containment is Praesidium’s other field-work division. Unlike wardens, containment unit officers are chosen multiple ways and can be: high-ranking field officers from law enforcement agencies, high-interest university grads, and other individuals who’ve made it onto Praesidium’s radar.

You’ll learn more about these divisions and their relationship with each other in future Inside Worlds’ posts :).

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I’d love to share a little secret about Erin, but for now all I’ll say is there’s more than meets the eye with that one ^_^.

As you dive deeper into the series and the universe in general, leaders of the supernatural factions become like extended family. They all have unique personalities and all think their race is the best – who wouldn’t right?

Couldn’t help myself so all races that aren’t original have reimagined lore, or their appearances and/or abilities have been revamped. I love digging in and creating something new with what’s already there ^_^.

You’ll get more info about the races in future Inside Worlds’ posts.

I also feature multiple reimagined supernatural races from the Caribbean (my hometown is Barbados). I’ve always wanted to see more of my hometown lore in stories, so throw it in myself :).

The Wardens Series S01 and S02 have episodes released weekly on my site during November and December. S01E01: Skins and S01E02: Howl are already available. S01E03 – S01E05 will be released on Nov 13, 20, and 27. S02:E06: Home will be available on Nov 30 :).

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You can also read Erin’s Origin Story (MG – YA) a prequel story, and Praesidium’s Orphans (YA – A), which dives deeper into the lives of warden trainees. An excerpt of Praesidium’s Orphans, Chapter 1: Wendigos is available now.

For more info, questions, or comments, share below or contact me :).

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