Mary’s Friend (Bloody Mary Reimagined): Flash Fiction

I’ve always been interested in darker themes, lore, and creatures. My stories don’t always start this way, but often end up there anyway.

Bloody Mary is based on Mary Tudor, a 16th century English princess and French queen. Her unfortunate and real struggles conceiving were condensed into this story of legend that fascinated me as a child. She never came through the mirror when I called though. That could also have been because I chickened out and only called a couple times whenever I tried :/.

The flash fiction story below is one from 2011 or so, and updated a bit for this post. It’s pulled from a longer work dabbling with the idea of Bloody Mary possessing people to hurt those closest to them.

Enjoy flash fiction story Mary’s Friend :):

Mary’s Friend

Chrissie knelt on the floor crouched over the toilet, still sick from her journey to alcohol’s world. She vomited, clutching her stomach as though life depended on it.

Behind her the door eased open and Sarah crept in. She moved soundlessly across the bathroom floor on bare feet.

Chrissie jumped at a shoulder tap and looked back concerned, but relaxed seeing her friend. She turned back to the bowl retching pitifully, throat scratching throat.

“Do you want me to get anything for you?” Sarah asked, rubbing Chrissie’s back.

Chrissie looked back up, eyes dull from the sick. “No, I’m okay,” she managed before leaning her head back into the bowl.

Sarah leaned in closer, her breath chilly against Chrissie’s skin. “That’s too bad,” she said, hand cupping the back of Chrissie’s neck. “That was your last request.”

She tightened her grip on Chrissie’s neck. A small scream escaped the other girl and Sarah smiled, old power surging as she pulled Chrissie’s head back. She waited a moment, grin widening, before slamming Chrissie’s forehead against the porcelain toilet seat. Chrissie gasped, blood spilling from her split forehead. Her arms flailed and she struggled away, but the initial shock had taken any chance she’d had of saving herself.

Sarah bashed Chrissie’s head against the seat a few more times until she’d crushed her friend’s skull, until Chrissie’s arms went limp, and her breathing stopped.

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