This One’s for Mum

Years ago I told mum I’d write a story for her.

She’s always been a fan of movies with lots of action and animals gone wild (everyday or prehistoric). The idea of creating a story with elements she’d enjoy tickled me as a fun project, so I started on paper.

Then I scrapped it.

Clip from Jurassic Park.

That poor little story probably wondered what it’d done, but really, I just got distracted.

After focusing on other writing projects, taking a hiatus from fiction writing, and finally stepping into a new character’s world after five years, the story for my mother remained unwritten.

Before this trends to the morbid, please note my mum’s alive and well and still sharing bits of wisdom almost daily. It’s one of the reasons I’m bent on writing it now we’re both still around.

I know, I know – you have to write what feels right as it comes to you. You can’t force it. That’s just the thing though, this story would have been forced had I tried it any earlier. It’s also nothing like what I’d originally intended to write.

So a little while ago, I started Tierreich Insel. The two sisters who star in this sci-fi/action and adventure are on board with letting me have the reins on their lives. Not sure they’re into it every second (especially as there’s seldom a moment’s rest from the madness), but they’re trusting me to tell the story.

One of the things I like is as there’s a big age gap between the sisters, it’s interesting to see how each will react to the challenges they face. I’m often not sure what those challenges will be, but then I start and BAM! there it is ^_^.

I won’t give more vague details than what I’ve already shared. I get that it’s a thing now to take potential readers step-by-step through what you’re writing as you’re writing it. For me though, I still like that bit of mystery :).

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Clip from Jurassic Park 3.

I haven’t told my mum I’m working on “her” story yet, but intend to soon. Want to give it more flesh before I do. I did share the concept with her prior to properly starting though. Her excitement made me remember what’d inspired me in the first place. It helps that the subject matter’s a treat for me to dig into as well.

I’ve put people in my life in books before based on their personalities, place in life at the time, etc. This is the first time dedicating an entire book to someone though.

I’m glad it’s mum :).

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