Archived But Unforgotten

Doodling around on the site got me wondering where my head was at five years ago. I actually ended up finding my August 19, 2015 post!

If you didn’t know, it’s possible to read Pages Unforgotten’s archived posts I’d written from 2011 to 2016, before the hiatus.

It’s kinda crazy to think how different things were in my life then. The Wardens Series seasons 1 & 2 were still both available for sale, I was watching the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell mini-series, and my posts ran like clockwork – Monday Insights, Random Wednesdays, and Friday Highlights.

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Re-reading some of the old posts is nostalgic, I cringe sometimes, and other times I realise I feel pretty much the same about a subject. There have been so many changes since then though, I’m still mind-blown when I dare enter the past.

It’s one of the reasons I chose to leave the archived posts available. I might not be the same or think the same on everything anymore, and it’s a bit of a mental undressing, but it’s also a kind of ode to where I started.

There are nearly 600 posts written during those years. It was also around the time I’d started submitting to agents and publishers and was learning about the publishing industry, got myself started as a remote worker, and still lived in Barbados, all the while trying to figure out life in my 20s ^_^.

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There’s so much tucked away in these posts, I tend not to be able to read too many at once – lots of emotions sometimes.

Overall though, my tone/style might have changed, topics evolved, and skills improved, but for me these pages aren’t ever forgotten :).

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