Get To Know Me :)

I’ve seen a number of new subscribers in the last couple weeks and I’m super thankful for that! I know no one has to stop and read, like, or comment on anything I share, so to see you guys taking an interest makes me smile :).

All that gushing aside and to show my appreciation, here’s a list of things about me you generally wouldn’t know ^_^.

Likes, Dislikes, and Other Stuff ^_^

– Prefer red meat to white and white wine to red.

– Cooking and baking help me relax.

– I started writing seriously at twelve. My first major story was for a secondary school art class and was a re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood. The story was funny, art pretty terrible, but hey, got a high score for creativity lol. Mum still has that story knocking around somewhere lol.

– I still love World of Warcraft and played on and off for nearly six years before stopping in 2013. Hadn’t tried an expansion since Warlords of Draenor either. Started back this month, but don’t get to play often :|. Also, my fave classes are hunters and warlocks, and always #FortheHorde ^_^.

– In the past I spent hours on time management games. The Diner Dash series for example. Kinda funny to see Flo updated so much heh.

– I’m Barbadian-British and grew up in Barbados. Most people can’t place my accent as I don’t quite sound Barbadian. That said, I have our local dialect down ^_^.

– I started lifestyle website Fudge cause I wanted a platform focused on resourceful living and cooking, and the idea that messing up, modifying, and changing for better results are all a part of life. I’m updating it now ^_^. (Update since posting: Fudge is on hiatus until further notice.)

– I’m a huge fan of Primark stores, Waitrose products, and Black Barrel Rum (Barbados).

– I used to be the frontwoman of an alt/metal band, headbanging and all (many years ago lol).

– I lived in England for a time… it didn’t take *shrugs*. I don’t dislike England in general, it just didn’t feel like home for me.

– I work out four to five times a week, not because I’m a “gym rat” but cause if I don’t I tend to fall off the wagon. Thing is I don’t hate doing it or anything, I just procrastinate on things I shouldn’t sometimes. So I started being serious about fitness again recently, after not working out properly for like seven months. Really trying to make it stick this time.

Spot the workout clips in the pile ^_^.

– Living in Belgium led me to begin learning German and French. Most of the population speaks French along with regional languages (German/Dutch). I did French in school and do better reading it. As for German, I’m a fan, but jeez their grammar rules though :S.

– Too much processed sugar makes me break out or I get a headache. Sometimes I still take the risk – sigh. Need more discipline!

– I don’t post on my blog unless I feel good about a post and connected to what I’m posting. That’s why my About page says 2 – 8 posts per month and I don’t designate post days. I don’t like just posting for the sake of it. I did that for years on the original Pages Unforgotten and yes, there’s lots of good archived content. Often though, I was just making sure I posted on designated blogging days, sometimes just throwing a topic up for the heck of it. I didn’t want that for this one.

– I re-watch Arrested Development episodes almost nightly.

– The last shows I binged and loved were Money Heist (Spanish series), Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Japanese anime series), and Control Z (Mexican series). I like all kinds of shows and subtitles don’t bother me ^_^. That said, I probably should be immersing myself in a German and/or French series innit?

– I wrote and directed a sci-fi/drama series on a “little-no” budget – we decided to shelf it till a bigger budget could do it justice. Now I’m working on a thriller/drama. It’s the first script I’ve really sat and written in about two years.

– I don’t fan girl over celebrities, but over characters. Lagertha from Vikings anyone?

– I low-key began the path to beer connoisseur.

– Favourite visited cities: Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Favourite lived-in countries: Barbados and Belgium. Ironically, though it’s my hometown, I don’t see myself living in Barbados again anytime soon, if ever. But would love to visit often to see my family and friends who are still there. *Shakes fist at Covid-19!*

– At twelve, Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire series made me fall in love with spec fic ^_^.

– I coined the term Carib speculative fiction because I couldn’t always find the right speculative genre to place some of my work.

– I self-published multiple books between 2011 – 2015. It didn’t make me rich, but I’m glad I did it at the time. Most were speculative fiction across age categories, and a few others were creative nonfiction. I’d made the decision thinking it was right for me then, while simultaneously trying out the traditional publishing path. Here’s a breakdown of the difference.

Since then I’ve removed self-published books for sale and chose to go back down the traditional publishing route as it feels like a better fit. That said, I still plan to make some older work available here on my website. Some already is: here, here, and here :).

– I have a thing for organising and keeping order. I’m great at this when living with someone else, but when I’m living alone can be pretty messy. Don’t tell mum.

– Dogs over cats. But, one of my fave pets was a grey tabby named Grey. He used to sleep on my chest, fur inhalation be damned :S.

– Lastly, my friends call me “Jax” :).

Whoo! That was a lot to unpack and I kept adding more lol! Now you know tons more about me than the Average Joe ^_^.

For more info, questions, or comments, share below or contact me :).

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