What I’m Up To: June 14 – 20

This week’s busier so I’m keeping an eye on it so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’ve been bogged down multiple times before as I let my workload exceed the need to take care of myself. Now I’m more aware and tuned in to how, when, and why I’m working on the things I am.

What I’ll be up to:

My site is open to guest writers from today! I’ve cut the guesswork out of everything with my guest post guidelines, which can be found here. I want to share what others’ are doing, especially in a time of COVID-19, and other global developments forcing many of us to think outside the box and do things differently.

If your potential guest post idea doesn’t have anything to do with writing/reading/etc, still submit as it may cover another topic I’d like to share ^_^.

A team member and I will be outlining the way forward for a web series I’ve been hacking away at. I wrote and directed a sci-fi/drama series before on a limited-no budget basis. The team at the time decided to put the project aside, until we could properly fund it. Since then I’ve written a few more, but this drama/thriller series is the one I’ll start the ball rolling with. It allows for more flexibility than some of my other projects would, so makes sense going in this direction re: funding, team members required, etc.

Preparing for a ghostwriting project. Ghostwriting isn’t something I’d do often, as I feel the need to connect with a story and the person I’m writing for. In this case, I knew I wanted to write this individual’s story before she’d finished sharing background and what she wanted in it. It just feels right, so I’m rolling with it ^_^.

Looking over a client’s marketing plan to then update/revamp it to be more in line with what they’re trying to do. If there’s time after their review, I’ll move on to their website, and basically go through a similar process with that content :).

Other personal projects:

Editing the pilot episode of The Wardens Series S01. The pilot unfolds differently to the first season of the series. What I enjoyed about it, is I could share more background on characters that had prominent roles, but didn’t have fleshed out backgrounds in the prose. I have to edit it then send it over for coverage, etc. I also want to mull over a SFF/Carib speculative story I have knocking around in my head. Started writing it, then put it aside for a bit. Want to dig back in.

You can find me on Twitch too. I’ll be kicking pixels around in World of Warcraft a bit later this week ^_^. Format for now: Solo-gaming with chat/gaming with others and chat.

Ink and Insights judging continues, where multiple judges read your story and critique. You can still submit your book to the Ink and Insights competition here :).

On the personal side of things:

I downloaded this app to help keep me on track with workouts. I used to be really good at getting in there and motivating myself to workout, but I’ve fallen off. I’d like to reclaim that trait and cement it, so app it is lol. I’m also still doing yoga sessions with Kerri Miliucci, the yoga darling with no time for your excuses lol. Seriously, she’ll be smiling all pretty and everything, but if she thinks you have more in you, trust me she will drag it out ^_^. My workout week looks like this: Mon – yoga; Tues – full body; Wed – legs/core; Thurs – yoga; Fri – HIIT.

My partner and I have this Chinese buffet place we enjoy going to, and it recently reopened. Dinner for two? Yes please! Maybe it sounds silly – you can get Chinese anywhere can’t you Jackie? Not where I live you can’t :/.

Still on food, I tweaked my grocery shopping slightly this week, so there’s fish, more fruit and veg (including fennel which I’ve never cooked with and not sure what I’ll do with it yet ha). This is important for me because I remember financially leaner days when I used to buy carrots and spinach only, cause they were among the cheapest options. I’m thankful I can do much more now for my overall health :D.

What are you up to this week?

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