What I’m Up To: June 7 – 13

I’ve already started this week a bit behind, but Monday is all about catching up. Blog posts this week include a Canva Teach video session, and talking age categories in stories. There’s a lot to get through, but let’s see if I hack away successfully :).

What I’ll be up to:

I’ve got to finish up Ink and Insights reading and judging for a few titles then start on some more. I’m pretty much through one, and the others are waiting patiently. When reading, I’ll be playing a few rounds of my made-up game Quick-fire Clues on Twitter, to see if writers who submitted to the competition have any idea which subs I have. The competition is blind judging so we don’t know anything about the writers who submit and writers don’t know which four judges they’ve gotten until they receive their results ^_^.

I’m starting work on a content development project I’m pretty excited about. I’ll be working with an educational organisation on numerous aspects related to their messaging, language, and other output.

Canva gets a look in too ^_^. Teaching how to use Canva is fun for me, so I’m happy to have a teaching session lined up for that ^_^. In this case I’ll be showing how to use it for social media content creation :).

The web series I started writing in late May is going to get some hours as well. It’s a thriller/drama with three main characters and each episode is about five minutes. I love that I’m getting to use languages I’m learning (German/French) while writing this one. That said, more German lessons for me this week too.

I’m finally (properly) setting up my JaxeswithWolves Twitch account, and will be testing audio, recording, etc, later this week. My channel will be a mixture of solo gaming with chat, gaming with others and chat, or just random chat ^_^. Thinking of buying a podcast rig to go with it. Thoughts?

Then there’s yoga! The exclamation point gives the impression that I get super excited about it. The truth is I’m still adapting lol. I take classes twice a week with Kerri Miliucci, and have to say (after three weeks) I’m already seeing a difference in my flexibility and strength.

On the personal side of things, I’m trying to eat healthier – more veg on the plate, etc. I’m also upping my workout beyond just yoga and *some other exercise* on a random day. This week should look like this: Mon – Yoga; Tues – Legs; Wed – Arms & Back; Thurs – Yoga; Fri – HIIT. I may switch Tuesday and Wednesday around depending on what happens in yoga – my teacher’s a beast :/.

What are you up to this week?

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