Writing Distractions

I am the lawn mower victim in this story, but I’m sure many of you–writers and otherwise–can attest to everything Ashlee talks about regarding distractions. Fortunately, exterior noises don’t get to me as much. Understandable as if they did–living in an apartment building–I wouldn’t ever get any work done. Even as I write this the shower of the resident below is singing a happy tune. Anyway, enough babbling from me, be sure to read this funny post from Ashlee Cox. A great way to head into the weekend ^_^.

Ashlee Unscripted


I have been trying to get back into my writing zone, and for that I need a level of quiet, peace and tranquility.

It is not always easy to get your mind to clear and let the characters take you into their world, so that you can report on their story properly and so I often try to write in the quiet hours of the morning, or when inspiration hits- same thing really.

However, as I have been trying to take my mind to planes outside of the realm, there have been huge distractions that have been working overtime to keep me here.

First up is the lawn mowing menace!

lawn mower

I live in Barbados, a tropical country that is majority lovely, expansive green pastures. I love nature, I do and I am always happy to take that iconic run in the pastures anytime, I did afterall grow up in the…

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