Write-On Wednesdays: Blood & Stew

Write ON! Cause it’s Write-On Wednesdays. I’m trying it out for size okay don’t start rolling your eyes at me. Hey you, yea you in the back, I see you!


Today I bring you an excerpt from EYE OF STORMS, my adult epic fantasy novel that sits on a virtual shelf unsure of itself. Unsure because I’m still twiddling my thumbs on the way forward for it. I love the characters, and the multi-pov story which highlights lots of elements from my Caribbean roots (Barbados wuuuuuut!). I’ve shopped it a little and garnered some interest. No signings yet so any agents reading look me up ^_^. Okay enough peddling *ahem*. We enter as Tolin, prince of the Middle Isle Trizia, scoundrel in the eyes of his father, and ladies’ man to well, everyone including your wives and girlfriends, is being hounded on a Damasc street by raucous vendors. (Contains some dialect)

EoS pic excerpt

As you know my website is currently in the works and I plan on keeping you guys updated via this blog. I had what looked like a setback last night, but as I’ve come to realise that as long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to and focusing on goals, etc, “setbacks” are often blessings in disguise. On the new site I’ll still be posting on Wednesdays, but instead of Random Wednesdays, decided to make it more focused with Write-On Wednesdays. So, writing and all things related– excerpts, WIP info, observations, etc. Let me know what you think of the new name ^_^.





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