Bad Technology

Hi guys! It came to my attention that the majority of you weren’t receiving my posts after I switched back from Tech was being a badass who refused to do as I said apparently. Now that it’s all fixed, here are the two posts you would have missed

Pages Unforgotten and Logo-ing Like A Boss, explain my long absence, what’s new, and what you can expect in the coming weeks from this blog and me.


One of the takeaways from these posts is a reminder that posts will be more random and may appear every 2 – 3 days. This is because I’ll be updating you guys on the path to my new website’s construction and letting you in on what’s going on with me otherwise as well. Of course other things will be thrown in–writing, thoughts, and inspiration, it just will no longer be the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting that you all would have become accustomed to.


In a future post I’ll explain why I decided to switch back to from, as though the new website’s construction had something to do with it, that wasn’t all it was, and I’ll share so no one makes the same mistakes I did.“When Tech Goes Rogue” should sum it up lol.


Thanks for your patience and for your continued support :)!