Pages Unforgotten

In the last three years my life was turned upside down. There were changes that made my head spin, people I loved that aren’t around anymore, and things I did that I’ve been both proud and dismayed about.

For the majority of this time I kept blogging, sharing some of it in posts like Monday Insights. This changed last August or so, when I got pretty ridiculous when it came to posting. Gone was the consistency of posting three days a week and suddenly you guys were lucky if I did so once every other month. This is something I’m truly sorry for, as it wasn’t fair to you loyal readers.

Real life puss in boots

During May 2016 my new website will be under construction and it’ll be here that you’ll get to find out some of the things that I’ve been working on relating to writing and business, and of course what’s happening in life in general. While this blog will remain as an archive of sorts, a new blog will be started on my website. There will be regular “faces” like a couple of the themed blog posts you’ve supported throughout the years, and some additions from guests and myself that I hope you’ll enjoy.


I plan on keeping you updated throughout this process, so while blog posts on this site will no longer be on the usual days: Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, expect regular updates either way.

Thanks for sticking it out with me guys – THANK YOU! – I honestly can’t say that enough, and I am so looking forward to taking this next step with you :).



Best wishes!


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