Monday Special

Hello lovely readers!

break1You might have noticed my absence for the last two weeks and that’s because I had to take a short hiatus from regular posting. In addition to changing the format of the website, I also needed to catch up with some important writing and editing deadlines, as well as sort out some issues in my personal life.

I will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday October 12th with Monday Insights (inspiration, life, advice). This is followed up by Random Wednesdays (excerpts, book reviews, creative musings) and Friday Highlights (TV series reviews & updates) :).

break1Though I wasn’t updating the regular posts, The Lonely Writer series has begun so you can check that out and feel free to let me know where you can relate ha. Additionally, remember there are affordable Writer Services  for editing and writing available. The Wardens Series Season Two was released and can be found at the link. Look out for more on that very soon :).

Can’t wait to join you guys again. See you next week :)!