Monday Insights: Split Second Life Changer

mon1It’s amazing how everything can change in a second.

That statement might seem like it’s pushing it, but how many times have you opened an email and been floored by the contents, met the right person at just the right time, or been in the right place exactly when you should have been? Most of us have experienced this at least once in our lifetimes, moments that quite literally change the course of our lives forever. Not all of these experiences are good mind you, but depending on what we take away from them, we can turn them into something else. Something that better helps our story along.

mon2I was thinking on this recently and the way a few interactions that I wasn’t expecting, opened up an entirely new world of possibilities . Now, we can try to prepare as much as we want for a myriad of probabilities, but at times things happen that are so left field, that we’re literally left with our mouths hanging open.

So what do we do?

mon3All we can do is try to handle these split second life changers as they come. Embrace the opportunities for growth, progress or self-insight they bring. None of us really knows what’s around the corner, so instead of being afraid or worrying about what’s coming, keep on the path. Maybe today’s going to deliver your split second super life-changer :).



Ever experienced a split second life changer? Talk to me in the comments below :).


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