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Killjoys (Quick Review)

fri1Though I put it off for a while, this week I was able to catch up with Killjoys, an action/western set in space. The series is in its first season and while I find it a bit campy, I like the fact that there’s a pretty dark element just lurking in the background. Additionally, there’s a fair amount of truly inspired future-tech, which is always an added plus in any future-based sci-fi show. However, with things like printed photographs still lurking about, anyone who’s not as into ‘the time after ours tech’ should still be able to enjoy with few eye-rolls. So, what’s it about?

Killjoys are basically interplanetary bounty hunters (as seen on the poster) who work for an organisation called the RAC ( fri2Reclamation Apprehension Coalition). The three main characters viewers follow all have sordid pasts, though we’re not privy to all the details just yet. High points for this show are as mentioned before: Some of the future tech and the dark elements to the characters’ lives really catch my fancy, the planet-hopping, the costuming is pretty great and I like the difference in style depending on which planet you’re on. However, overall I’d give it three stars as it’s a show that I can play in the background while doing other things, as opposed to sitting riveted. I’m also not completely sold by the protagonist’s ‘hardcore’ act and honestly, I’d prefer the series to give into its dark side, because of what they are and how it’s set up. Remember though, these are just my side-views, those looking for a fun new sci-fi to settle down with, could very well love it inside and out ^_^.

fri3The camaraderie between cast members shines onscreen and while watching you’ll meet: Hannah John-Kamen as “Dutch” – the no-nonsense leader of her unit, with a nefarious past; Aaron Ashmore as “John Jaqobis” – her partner of six years and though talented, is the lowest ranked of the group; Luke Macfarlane as ” D’Avin Jaqobis” – John’s brother and recent addition to the team, who’s battling demons from his past.

Other than being terrified of some of the future-tech on Killjoys . . .


Quickdates (quick updates)
fri41) Nearly finished the first draft of The Fated Undesirable, which I haven’t talked about here before but is a YA sci-fi I was working on over the course of the last weeks. I’ve wanted to write more sci-fi for a long while, as I’m a huge fan of soft sci-fi. I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with this story, but I’m liking the feedback from beta readers thus far.

fri52) Made a few changes to my epic fantasy Eye of Storms (Zarthos series, book 1). One in particular that would have probably caused fantasy buffs to jump down my throat if I’d let it go. In summary – I wanted a material to do what it realistically couldn’t and I couldn’t use magic to make it all fall into place, as it wouldn’t make sense for the society. So, even though I loved that particular mat (material), I had to switch it out with trusty old silver lol.


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