Monday Insights: Time Waster or…?

mon1How do we decide what’s worth putting time and effort into and what’s not?

Other people might be able to help us figure out what we want to do, but they can’t really tell us which endeavours will be best for us. We’re the only ones who can decide that. Sometimes we’re wrong and we spend tons of time and energy on things that we really should just leave alone. However, I’ve realised something about this . . .

Regular readers know how big I am on staying focused on our paths so mon2we ensure best results. At times on the journey we take up tasks that in the end we have to abandon. For example, I’d tried my hand at building a simple website and it took tons of time, but I was pretty happy with the results. It was functional and aesthetically pleasing. Downside? I never used it. I had moments where I was like “Wow, what a complete waste of time,” but then I looked closer — I now had a skill which I was later able to use for other projects. This led to me not having to spend as much as I would have initially and helped me to progress in other areas along my path.

mon3So, today’s bottom line? Sometimes it’ll seem like everything we do is a time-waster. We’ll wonder, even as we do it, if we should just be focusing on something else. Remember this though – If you’re on your path and are steadfast in that, most likely the things you do in hopes of progressing, will often come back around to help you out, even when you least expect it :).



How has ‘time-wasting’ helped you? Talk to me in the comments below :).


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