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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Quick Review)

fri1This week I had the pleasure of finally watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell a BBC series based on the book by the same name by Susanna Clarke. I give it four out of five stars, as the journey into this world was quite enjoyable for me and as I’ve never read the book, made me even more excited to do so.

While the story is set in 19th century England, don’t go in expecting fri2everything to be as it is in the history books as it’s an alternate history, filled with magic and evil faeries. Bertie Carvel plays “Jonathan Strange” whose natural abilities with magic far surpass his more notable counterpart “Mr. Norrell” played by Eddie Marsan. Jonathan goes to Mr. Norrell in order to learn at his feet, but it’s not long before the student becomes the teacher much to Mr. Norrell’s chagrin. The result is a ‘war’ between the two that even at its pettiest,  has grave consequences for them and countless others. This grinds at the relationships with those closest to them and often these loved ones are caught in the fray, especially when a vile faerie from another world, takes a keen interest in their affairs.

fri3Regular readers know I don’t like to give too many spoilers, so for details you’ll definitely have to watch. While you’re at it, make sure you check out the wonderful cast at work, who besides Carvel and Marsan, include: Marc Warren as “The Gentleman” – the delightfully sinister faerie from the Kingdom of Lost-Hope; Alice Englert as “Lady Pole” – who’s grip on reality is quickly disappearing; Charlotte Riley as “Arabella” – Strange’s devoted wife; and Ariyon Bakare as “Stephen Black” – who gets in way over his head. These by the way are just a small few as love or hate the characters, this is a fantastic cast overall.

Other than loving the show’s special effects whenever a spell’s cast, I’ve been . . .


Quickdates (quick updates)
fri41) Back to writing. I looked up and the time’s going by so quickly. lf I’m to meet the literary deadlines I set for myself for 2015, I’ve got to work even harder to do so. (I’m worn out just thinking about it.)

2) Caught up with a beta reader recently about the first book in the epic fantasy I’d worked on last year.  I love the response from betas for that story so far and though I’m still not quite sure which route to take (traditional or self-pub), I’m in the process of making a decision. So – progress.


That’s all for today guys, thanks very much for joining me and what’s your week been like? Share in the comments below :)!



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  1. I started watching this mini series. Caught one and two. Missed three, and recorded four and five. I can’t move on until I see three, and BBC doesn’t seem to be replaying it.

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