Monday Insights: “Bestest Evaar!”

mon1If we’re not willing to do our best, what’s the point?

Loaded question? I beg to differ. Everything we do, should be with the intent of seeing optimum results. We shouldn’t be happy with the mediocre and should try to improve all the time. Sometimes our best might not be considered that by someone else, but as long as we’ve given our all in that moment, we can feel good about what we’ve accomplished. Let me explain further.

mon2I’m not great at drawing and accepted as much a long time ago. My best depiction of a woman standing in the rain for example, might end up being a stick figure with pencil lines ‘dripping’ around her. My younger sister on the other hand is pretty great, especially with abstract art. My best at this activity has gotten laughter from her in the past and I’m pretty sure that this will be the case long into the future. However, when I draw a stick woman with pencil-lines of rain, you can be damn sure that it’ll be the best I can do, in that moment.

mon3Sure we have moments where we don’t feel like giving our all, where we think – ‘Just this once I can let this pass’, but it doesn’t help us in the end. If we’re always trying to be more, to be better and to do better, each time our ‘best’ will improve. We shouldn’t let things like ‘oh, this is just for a friend’ or ‘I’m not getting paid for this’ or *insert some other excuse here*, be the cause for not performing as well as we should. Let’s give our best lovely readers and revel in the results :).



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