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Pretty Little Liars (Summer Finale – Quick Review)

fri1Yes, I’ve been there from the beginning. Yes, I’ve had my thoughts on who “A” was for the last several seasons, and yes, I’ve wondered why no one uses blinds at their windows, especially considering they’re all being aggressively stalked. Still, the Pretty Little Liars’  summer finale, didn’t quite live up to the fanfare I’d had planned for the mastermind behind all the crazy. No, I’m not happy about that.

fri2For those who’ve never laid eyes on an episode, imagine living in a small town, minding your own business when suddenly everything is turned upside down. “You are being watched” (Person of Interest fans will get that reference) and it’s by an unknown individual(s) simply known as “A”. Four teen girls are at the centre of the upheaval and honestly, besides each other – and sometimes not even then – they’re never quite sure who they can trust.

fri3I’ve overlooked lots of things and kept on watching PLL, as it’s affectionately known by fans. Including: Why is an underage girl dating her teacher? How are the teen girls who idolise the characters supposed to keep up with their super stylish wardrobes and, come on guys – you’re being constantly stalked, why are you still utilising the tech that gets you into messes? That aside, I’ve been faithful for six seasons and now, with the finale in the bag, I don’t quite feel like I got my ‘money’s worth’. The summer finale episode seemed rushed. There was so much information the viewer was meant to accept as fact straight off the bat, that I’m kind of hoping that when the show returns, we’ll get another great twist to clean up the ‘meh’ of that episode.

fri4If that doesn’t bother you and you’re thinking of picking up this teen action/drama which is based on a YA series of the same name by Sara Shepard expect to see: Lucy Hale as “Aria” – the feisty, artsy one; Ashley Benson as “Hanna” – the impulsive shopaholic; Troian Bellisario as “Spencer” – the studious, observant one; and Shay Mitchell as “Emily” – the sporty, optimistic one. They are fri5complemented by a supporting cast that brings the whole story together into one crazy ‘A-influenced’ ride.

If you can’t take teen shows that are a little campy, this one is not for you, but if you’re looking for a  visual YA mystery to sink your teeth into, you’ll get a kick out of this series :).


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