Monday Insights: Experience This…

mon1Experiences help shape us into the people we are.

Everything we go through, from a feather landing on a shoulder,  to a zombie apocalypse survival story, create unique traits that vary from person to person.

mon2As I’m always striving to be a better version of me, I often have to face my flaws. Not fun, but necessary. I was talking to my mother recently and made a note of how I nitpick at times. I dislike it while I’m doing it, yet every now and then I turn into this nitpicking monster for the simplest things like: “Do you need to chew so loudly?” Yes, I hear it even as I type it and I’m far from proud of it. As I was talking to her, we sidetracked to the man who I no longer call my father. He was a master nitpicker and I hated it while under his thumb. Yet, there I was, every now and then, doing the exact same thing.

mon1Just because experiences shape us, we don’t have to hang onto the negative traits they might inspire. On the path to a ‘personality upgrade’ which requires daily effort, the less excuses we use for bad behaviour, the better. If we’re not willing to move past the experiences that might have shaped a negative trait, we won’t see the positive results we want.  



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