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Young & Hungry (Quick Review)

fri1Regular readers know that when I’m really busy, TV-watching is usually reduced to shows that I can kind of ‘play in the background’. Nothing too heavy. This week’s lucky contender was Young & Hungry, a sitcom that isn’t exactly laugh-out-loud worthy but will definitely make you feel something.

For me it was one part amusement, one part annoyance. fri1Before I get into that though, here’s what it’s about: Emily Osment stars as “Gabi”, a food blogger who lands the amazing opportunity to work for millionaire tech entrepreneur “Josh” played by Jonathan Sadowski. When Josh thinks fri3his fiancé is leaving him and Gabi’s there with a comforting shoulder, things get hot under the covers . . .until his wifey-to-be comes back. The result is a first season filled with Gabi putting her foot in her mouth, Josh somewhere between being madly in love and acting properly jealous whenever Gabi gets her boots shone (leave it alone guys), and culminates with them both realising they have a deep thing for each other.

fri5Back to the slight annoyance — I’m not a fan of shows that draw story arcs out just for the sake of it and as this happens with the two’s ‘love affair’, I’ve spent some times rolling my eyes at the screen. However, I think the writers are pretty clever with their banter and innuendo.

fri4As for the supporting cast, for the most part the chemistry works: Aimee Carrero plays “Sofia” – Gabi’s best friend and chief ‘no-bullshitter’; Kim Whitley plays “Yolanda” – the straight-shooting housekeeper with enough sass for everyone, including viewers; and Rex Lee plays “Elliot” – Josh’s publicist and best friend, who’s probably in love with him too.

fri2Overall, this show wouldn’t be a go-to for me, but if you’re looking for something to pass the time
in relative comfort, check it out :).


Other than being young and hungry I’ve been . . .


Quickdates (quick updates)
fri61) Commissioning a couple book covers, including the one for The Wardens Series Season Two. It’ll be fun to see my vision for these new covers come to life, especially after I’m pretty sure I gave every necessary detail to get me there ha.

2) Waterway Media’s imprint WM Magazine: Your Creative Guide to Media and Business, launches right twittersmallimageabout now! Well it was supposed to be at 5:30 pm EST and as my blog post comes the same time, I’m assuming it’s flying out into the virtual world as you read :). The e-magazine is free to read and download and is a great resource for businesses, brands, organisations, etc of all kinds. There are also special pages for creatives and affordable opportunities to advertise. Find out more about it here: WM Magazine site.

The Wardens 3Dnew3) There is also the opportunity to read and review my NA supernatural thriller/fantasy book The Wardens Series Season One absolutely free. The book contains 5 episodes which are no more than 13k words each. If you’re wondering why they’re called episodes: Imagine you were watching your favourite TV show, it ends with a cliff-hangar and you throw your hands up in frustration. With my book, each episode ends this way but you can continue on until you reach the end of the first season! The first season of this series has been optioned for film. Use the contact form below to send me your Name, Email and preferred format and you’ll get a copy of The Wardens Series Season One completely free. What’s the catch? Simply leave a review on Amazon by September 1 and we’ll call it square ^_^. Additionally, everyone who signs up for this offer, will get to read Episode 6: Home before everyone else. Yup, you read right! So send me your info and we can get started :).

The Wardens Series Season Two will be available September 31, 2015!




That’s all for today guys, thanks very much for joining me and what’s your week been like? Share in the comments below :)!

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