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wed3I’m currently in the process of deciding on a cover artist for The Wardens Series Season Two which is set to be released on September 30. Yup, I know I’m cutting it close, but with our powers combine I am Captainnn . . . Okay maybe not, but the point is all will be well and everything will be set so you’ll also be able to pre-order the book by mid-September. The Wardens Series is an episodic ongoing NA series which features five supernatural thriller/fantasy episodes per book. Thus far readers have travelled across the globe with wardens Erin and Zach as they keep rogue supernaturals in line and in this new season, featuring episodes 6 – 10, things get even more dangerous for the two and everyone close to them. Though you should really read Season One, note that Season Two will contain a recap so you can catch right up when it’s released :).

Here’s a sneak peek from the new season. We enter as things might be looking up for Erin:


Episode 6: Home (Chapter 3 excerpt)

wed1~ Erin opened her eyes a crack. Squeezed them shut. She’d done this a total of four times so far and still the blazing white light invaded her pupils as though they were under attack. She’d been in the dark for how long she didn’t know, had not been allowed visitors and no one had spoken to her since she’d been locked up. Her only interactions were with her assigned guard, a robust woman who used sharp jabs with a metal rod to get Erin to do as she wanted. Once a day she’d bring bathwater for Erin to wash, and twice a day she’d return with food.

Over time Erin found herself looking forward to these moments. It was then she could hear another’s breath and know that somehow she was not completely alone. Even though the darkness had taken away any chance of an image of the guard, Erin had become accustomed to things like her furniture polish scent and the constant clicking of her tongue as she went about her duties.

wed1She tried opening her eyes again, shading them against the glare with a hand.

“About time,” Alfonse, the guard who’d put her in there said gruffly and pointed to what Erin saw was an open door. She stood, crossing the floor gingerly and paused at the exit,

“Dispelled?” she asked, her voice sounding strange on her ears. Guard sighed,

wed2“What do you expect?” Erin nodded, but still didn’t immediately step through the doorway. Four wardens had spelled her cage, each with a different approach to dark magic. She’d felt their energy as they’d done it and had been surprised that so many had. Usually only one or two wardens were required to spell the cages in the dungeon. Though Alfonse was telling her it was safe, Erin wondered if she’d take another step only to be pushed right back into her prison or worse. Admin could be cruel when they wanted to be. She took a chance… ~


wed4So much more about Erin and Zach’s respective pasts, the ‘women of omens’ and more is revealed in The Wardens Series Season Two. It continues to be a great journey writing this series and now with Season One optioned, I look forward to even more of you reading. As such, guess what? Use the contact form below to send me your Name, Email and preferred format and you’ll get a copy of The Wardens Series Season One completely free. What’s the catch? Simply leave a review on Amazon by September 1 and we’ll call it square ^_^. Additionally, everyone who signs up for this offer, will get to read Episode 6: Home before everyone else. Yup, you read right! So send me your info and we can get started :).


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books1There’s so much more to share with you in the coming months, including how you can win copies of both Ayestra Calling and The Wardens Series Season Two. For review requests of these sequels or their predecessors, please contact me at jackiejonesconnect@gmail.com. Reviewers who have not read the either of the first books, please note that included in Ayestra Calling and The Wardens Series Season Two are accounts of what you missed in Secrets and The Wardens Series Season One — easy to catch up and continue :).