Friday Highlights 148!

Quick Review (Multiple Series)

I didn’t get to watch anything new this week, so here’s a few series I started that I definitely want to continue:

Murder in the First
fri1Starring Taye Diggs as “Terry English” and Kathleen Robertson as “Hildy Mulligan”, this series has the gritty feel of those Danish crime shows I love. Well maybe I should rephrase – those crime shows based on Danish crime shows, like The Killing. What I think is great about this one is that each episode investigators learn a little bit more about the case they’re following up on, and even though other cases pop up, the main investigation always takes precedence. To me this allows viewers to get really invested in what’s going to happen next. In my case – I’d love to get back to season 2!

Scream the TV Series
FRI2I know, I know, I’m still on the fence with this one too, however, I am still curious as to how a series based on this kind of movie (Scream) is going to make it past one season. Is it that they’re going to kill off one person every three episodes, or will everyone manage to just barely escape with their lives? Whatever the outcome, I’m going to watch with one hand ready to cover my eyes. You know, in case it sucks.

The Whispers
fri3Starring Lily Rabe as “Claire Bennigan” and Milo Ventimiglia as “John Doe/Claire’s husband” this show to me is one to check out. At first I was skeptical when I saw it was centered on kids and this ‘imaginary friend’ “Drill” they all ‘talk to’. However, the more I watched, the more I wanted to continue. I’m mad interested to know who’s really behind all the crazy shit going on. Is it a supernatural force pulling the strings and causing deaths, attempted murders and explosions? Or is it a guy in an office somewhere, laughing as the FBI runs around like headless chickens? Who knows? I want to.

Other than wondering when I’ll get to properly watch TV again, I’ve been . . .


Quickdates (quick updates)
twittersmallimage1) Working hard to make sure that Waterway Media’s imprint WM Magazine: Your Creative Guide to Media and BUsiness, is ready to be published next Saturday (August 7). The e-magazine is free to read and download and is a great resource for businesses, brands, organisations, etc of all kinds. There are also special pages for creatives and affordable opportunities to advertise. Find out more about it here: WM Magazine site.

The Wardens 3Dnew2) There is also the opportunity to read and review my NA supernatural thriller/fantasy book The Wardens Series Season One absolutely free. All you need to do is send me your details here and you’ll receive your copy for review. The book contains 5 episodes which are no more than 13k words each. If you’re wondering why they’re called episodes: Imagine you were watching your favourite TV show, it ends with a cliff-hangar and you throw your hands up in frustration. With my book, each episode ends this way but you can continue on until you reach the end of the first season! The first season of this series has been optioned for film. 

The Wardens Series Season Two will be available September 31, 2015!




That’s all for today guys, thanks very much for joining me and what’s your week been like? Share in the comments below :)!

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