Random Wednesdays: Character Wars!

Hey all and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition.

wed2The Wardens Series Season Two is coming to virtual shelves on September 30 and will be available for pre-order very soon. If you’ve not already taken some of that good supernatural crack, #JointheRanks and get caught up with the story. Read The Wardens Series Season One!

The Wardens 3DnewThe Wardens Series is a NA, high-action episodic series, that chronicles the dangerous adventures of wardens Erin and Zach, as they travel the world keeping rogue supernaturals in line. Erin’s own supernatural origins constantly lead them into perilous situations and as she’s not one to follow the rules, it’s usually left up to Zach to clean up the mess.

wed1Today I want to share some of the celebrities that I envision as the characters I’ve created. My choices are largely based on behaviour (in movies, series, etc), looks, acting style, etc. The characters that are depicted by two celebs, are those I see would be great if combined, or the results when I couldn’t choose between the two.The Characters tab on this site will give more insight, and I’ll be adding characters from other books soon.  Check out some of my choices for four major characters below and click to enlarge Character Cards :):




















Many characters make up the eclectic supporting cast of The Wardens Series’ universe and even more of these are ready and willing to sink their claws into you this fall, in The Wardens Series Season Two ^_^.


Based on the character breakdowns, what do you think of my choices? Share with me in the comments below ^_^.

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!


books1There’s so much more to share with you in the coming months, including how you can win copies of both Ayestra Calling and The Wardens Series Season Two. For review requests of these sequels or their predecessors, please contact me at jackiejonesconnect@gmail.com. Reviewers who have not read the either of the first books, please note that included in Ayestra Calling and The Wardens Series Season Two are accounts of what you missed in Secrets and The Wardens Series Season One — easy to catch up and continue :).