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TUT (Quick Review)

tut1First, unnecessary drama: The vivid re-imagining of what life would have been like for King Tutankhamen (King Tut), was almost brought to a screeching halt for me, as practically everyone had British accents. Don’t get me wrong, the Brits sound pretty nice, however, it’s always amusing to me that so many shows based anywhere outside of the Western world (in this case Egypt) always utilise that particular accent. It’s as though it’s the standard ‘when all else fails’.

Now that my bitching about vocal chords is complete, I must commend the cast of TUT and the entire crew (eyeliner pencils included) that brought the three-part miniseries to screen. Historians are not quite tut2sure how this Pharaoh actually lived and died, but this fictional account keeps viewers tuned-in, especially as each episode ends with a lovely cliffhanger.

The show is ripe with political intrigue, PG sex scenes and battles that weren’t let’s say to the movie Troy’s standards, but still brought tut3the action. Avan Jogia does a pretty good job as “Tut” and it was great to see him in a more adult-themed role.

Other characters that make this show really come alive are: Ben Kingsley playing Vizier Ay – he is wonderful (as always) and you probably won’t be sure if to root for his treachery or not, Kylie Bunbury as “Suhad” – Tut’s great love, though it’s a bit strange to adjust to seeing them in these roles.

The vibe between these two was very different on
The vibe between these two was very different on “Twisted”.

Reason? Their characters shared a complicated romance in the cancelled teen drama Twisted. Sibylla Dean plays “Ankhe” – Tut’s wife and sister (it was ancient Egypt, lower those eyebrows), Nonso Anozie as “General Horemheb” – another that will make you unsure where your loyalties lie, Peter Gadiot as “Ka” – a small(ish) role with a huge purpose and Iddo Goldberg as “Lagus” – the ever-faithful.

tut5I’m a huge fan of historically-based movies and series so maybe I’m biased in saying that I really enjoyed this one. There’s a bit of everything thrown in for good measure and were I to rate it, I’d give Tut 3.5 stars. If nothing else, check out the intricate detailing of the costumes ( all handmade in Morocco) and the strides made by the film crew to help viewers envision ancient Egypt in its heyday.

Other than going heavy on the eyeliner, I’ve been . . .


Quickdates (quick updates)

tut41) Writing like a word-driven squirrel on crack. The countdown to the end of the year is on and if I intend to meet this six month period’s writing goals, I have to keep on the path. Steady does it..

2) Doing a lot of thinking about what it means to be a black writer and/or a writer that hails from the Caribbean, especially with regard to speculative fiction. In my head, I’m a writer – end, however, more and more I’m learning there’s way more to it than that . . . apparently. I’m going to think on this some more before I post anything that is sure to tut5piss off, well, someone.

3) I started back working out this week people and I know I’ve said it before, but this time I intend to stay on the wagon. Like, for reals this time. For reals!



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