Random Wednesdays: The Wardens Series Season Two!

Hello all and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition :).

wed2The Wardens Series Season Two will be coming your way September 16, 2015. This season contains five new episodes (6-10) and the supernatural thriller/fantasy continues with revelations that left even me a bit put out while writing haha. Readers will experience new sides to Erin and Zach’s personalities, as they deal with a host of challenges that simply won’t let up, episode after episode.

There will be more tugging, twisting and in some cases discarding of lore related to popular wed1supernatural creatures (as I like to do) and creatures that you may never have even heard of will be crawling out of the woodwork. This season gives even more insight into the vodun priestesses, their varying abilities, personalities and more. The excitement felt with The Wardens Series Season One (which has been optioned for film) will continue, though I’m not so sure many of you will be speaking to me by the time you reach the end of episode 10.

wed3Look out for Character Pages coming to this site in August, where you’ll get a better idea of how I see these characters in my head (and those from my other books). There will also be handy breakdowns so you get to visualise for yourself too.

There will be more about this series and other releases over the next weeks :). For now, I’ll leave you with a quick clip from The Wardens Series Season Two, Episode 6: Home. Enjoy ^_^:


Episode 6: Home (Chapter 1 excerpt)

wed4~ “This way!” Zach shouted, his arms pumping hard and feet hitting the concrete with loud thuds as he ran down a rogue demon. Next to him was Bruce, another warden and a man that was as fond of knives as Zach was of guns. Damian, their handler, tried to pass him off as a temporary replacement until Zach could be paired with a new partner, but he knew better. Bruce was there to watch him, to ensure that Zach was doing the job instead of focusing on ways to get Erin out of lockup, as he had been for the first month of the five she’d been sent away.

Their chase took them around a sharp corner and Zach was glad for the sturdy combat boots he wore, as otherwise he would have skidded easily on the slick, wet road.

wed4“There,” Bruce said pointing and they both slowed, seeing the demon backed against a redbrick wall. His skin had a charred texture and bright red lips spread around his strange grinning mouth, full of broken yellowing teeth. His mouth spread further across his face as he snarled at the wardens, pushing himself even further against the wall. Zach drew his gun, aiming it at their target . . . ~


You guys better get ready for this season, cause it’s definitely ready for you :)!


What do you hate seeing in supernatural-based books? Share with me in the comments below ^_^.

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!


books1There’s so much more to share with you in the coming months, including how you can win copies of both Ayestra Calling and The Wardens Series Season Two. For review requests of these sequels or their predecessors, please contact me at jackiejonesconnect@gmail.com. Reviewers who have not read the either of the first books, please note that included in Ayestra Calling and The Wardens Series Season Two are accounts of what you missed in Secrets and The Wardens Series Season One — easy to catch up and continue :).

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