Monday Insights: Mind Wipe

mon4The more we progress mentally, the more progress we make in all other areas of our lives.

Training our minds to think differently is one of the most difficult tasks a human being can undertake. Most of us have our beliefs, morals, outlooks, etc, ingrained in us from very early and when we try to break free of those bonds, it can prove challenging. This is especially true of the ones that call on us to become better people.

mon1Since I became self-employed, my worry about big interviews has decreased significantly. I use this example because I think it’s one that many can relate to. I used to go into job interviews with my stomach in my mouth, terrified that I might say or do the wrong thing. Being an entrepreneur hasn’t taken away the nerves that come with having to pitch myself or a service, but what it made me change my way of thinking about the above-mentioned experiences. I literally stopped one day and asked myself – why are you stressing? Why are you so worried about this? It will either be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

mon3Sometimes we don’t have a catalyst to help us along as I did in this particular case. In fact, most times we just have to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and get on with it. We can’t look to others to help change us or our way of thinking, we can only look inward. So it begins with our minds. Our thoughts are the true catalysts of change and progress. Change the way we think and everything else follows suit.



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