Friday Highlights 145!

fri1There are many updates to get through this week, so I’m flipping the script a little. Read on for the latest and a snippet from next week’s TV series’ quick review, when we’ll return to our regularly scheduled blogramming. (What? If bootylicious can now be a word, you can give me my made up ones too!)


Quickdates (quick updates)

fri11) The Wardens Series Season One has been optioned for film! Yes, you read right, my little NA supernatural thriller/fantasy baby is all grown up and has decided on a career path. Though I know this is just the beginning and there’s a long road ahead with regard to development, I feel extremely blessed and happy. Regular readers, remember how I kept saying I wanted to share some things with you? This is one of those things. Mum’s been the word while ink dried ^_^. You can read the story that will someday grace the big screen here: The Wardens Series Season One

fri22) I’m currently working on a top secret project – okay not really, but everything sounds cooler when you add ‘top secret’ to it. Basically I decided to enter a competition – more details to come – and as I didn’t have anything in the arsenal that matched it, I decided to write something entirely new. It’s going rather well and as cliché as it may sound, the story is more or less writing itself. This I’m thankful for as there is a deadline to consider. What I’ll tell you about it so far, is that it’s sci-fi, I’m not sure if I’ll self-publish afterwards, and the story was inspired by an archaic system that exists within the Caribbean. Wait a minute, I guess it is kind of ‘secret’ :).

fri33) Upcoming creatives’ promotions:

From July 31, 2015 – the #Facebook #HighlightReel will be facilitated on my Facebook page, the #JackieJones #RTHour will return on my Twitter page on August 2, 2015 and the #BlogSpotlight will begin on August 4, 2015, facilitated on both pages and with monthly round-ups of featured blogs right here as well :). Look out for more information about these three social media regular events, which aim to promote and highlight creatives of all kinds.

4) Official book release dates:

cover gifThe Wardens Series Season Two will be released on September 16, 2015 and will be available in eBook and paperback. The NA book will include episodes 6 – 10 of the ongoing series, which chronicles the exploits of wardens Erin and Zach.

Ayestra Calling (Return of the Guardian Trilogy, Book 2) will be available a month later on October 21, 2015, as eBook and paperback. Join Emma, Tai and Noah as their adventure continues, this time away from Oregon and in the treacherous lands of the fae world Ayestra. This trilogy is YA action and adventure/fantasy.

5) Previously unavailable for purchase: 

fri4The updated and re-edited version of Awakening (When Worlds End Trilogy, Book 1) will be available for purchase in August – September 2015. As will Jacob’s Apocalypse and Other Stories, my speculative fiction anthology, which will now include additional short stories and flash fiction that are not available in the Wattpad version. Both these books will be available as eBook and paperback and to check out some of the stories click: Read on Wattpad


Next week in Friday Highlights:

POLDARK (Quick Review)

fri5I made time to try out Poldark this week, as with eight episodes per season it’s easy to get through. I’m pretty glad I did too. This period-drama has a little bit of everything and pulls you in – especially if you like these kinds of shows – almost immediately. Full disclosure: I started watching from episode two, which is what I do at times if I don’t feel like wading through the synopsis episode. You know what I mean, those first episodes that are literally riddled with everything we’ve read about the show in the first place? So there I was, not sure if I was even going to get through the episode when magic happened…


That’s all for today guys, thanks very much for joining me and what’s your week been like? Share in the comments below :)!


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Have a great weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others, and thanks so much for stopping by ^_^.

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  1. WOAH! That’s a lot of exciting news!! *does a happy dance for you*

    ….psssst….what does “NA” stand for, when referring to your works?

    1. NA = New Adult. It’s usually protagonists 18 – 25 (can be up to 30 though). Also yea, I know it’s just the start but I’m beaming. Coming your way soon too if you’ll have me, you amazing proofreader you ^_^.

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