Monday Insights: Second-Guess What?

mon5We spend copious amounts of time second-guessing ourselves.

I hadn’t even realised this was something I did on a regular basis, until I started looking at it more objectively. I noticed that I’d change my mind at the very last minute, or be completely behind a course of action, only to divert to another if I read, or heard something that distracted from it and seemed in the moment to be a better option.

mon1Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t consider decisions (especially the big ones) carefully, however when these new decisions are based on a flurry of second-guessing, we have to see that it’s us simply being fickle. All our decisions can affect us professionally, mentally, emotionally and of course physically and as such, when we back and forth all the time, it doesn’t do us any good.

mon4Every course of action we take, should be with the intent of positive results. We should want to progress, do the best we can and always put our best foot forward. When I start second-guessing, I go on the flip-side and ask myself: Will this affect me positively? This is new for me, so I still have tons of moments where I still wonder if I’m doing the right thing, or try to jump off one wagon to hop on another. The more I take that moment to pause and look at where I want to go and what I want to be, the easier it is for me to stick to decisions and keep on the path. We shouldn’t use our ‘second-guess points’ unless it’s absolutely necessary. So we must take a little time, look at things from a place outside of ourselves, then stick to the determined decision.



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