Monday Insights: Time Busters!

What do you make time for?

time1I know, I had to sit and think about that one for a while too. It was a few weeks ago and one of those days where I was ready to throw my hands in the air and just stop, because it felt as though twenty-four hours really weren’t enough. In fact, I think I did end up throwing in the towel that day. Afterwards though, I had a long think. I asked myself why the hours weren’t enough, where could I make adjustments to get more done in a more efficient way, and the all-important — what could I cut?

time2After mulling these questions over, I realised that I was actually wasting time in tons of areas. Minutes here or there that added up to hours of extra time that could be used more effectively.

We do this all the time, resort to pulling hair out because we simply don’t know how to balance it all. Life can be stressful enough as it is, without us having regular not-enough-time induced freak outs. So, how do we stop them? How do we utilise the time we have without losing ourselves – and our minds – in the process?

time3Now I’m not one for scheduling – it just doesn’t work for me – however, for some this is the ticket. For me, I’ve been trying out focusing on no more than four things each day and throwing my full energy into those things. It’s a work in progress and I’m still deciding if it works. Trial and error is a part of this process and that’s really okay. Thing is, no one can tell us how to make our time work for us and we have to figure it out for ourselves. Imagine though, how great the benefits, when we finally reach a solution. Go forth and prosper my little time busters :).



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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Time Busters!

  1. Since Littler J joined the family, time has become extra scarce. I got rid of certain time-killers that didn’t leave me feeling happier or more fulfilled. I found shorter/quicker routes to make my commute a little less painful. Unfortunately, I also fell out of comminicating with friends, which has created other imbalances I’m working now on correcting!

    1. Thanks for sharing and yes, it’s definitely a constant work in progress as we’re always growing and changing :).

      I hope you and yours have a really wonderful week Deborah!

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