Monday Insights: Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Why do we always care so much about what others think?mon1A dear friend and I were having a conversation recently, where she revealed that the one thing she knew for a fact she wanted was a family of her own. She expressed her need to feel that kind of love, and fretted that should she share these sentiments, she’d be considered a backward step in the feminist movement. mon2It is for this reason – what others would think – that she’s kept her true opinions on the subject at bay. She’s endured many a conversation where she wanted to pipe up and say her piece, but didn’t want to face the possible ridicule from others if she did.

We all know what this is like. I’ve said to people ‘I will be a bestselling author’ and gotten laughter from some. This is the same ‘polite ridicule’ that we sometimes give into, joining in with the rest, acting as though deep down it isn’t what we really feel. When we join in the laughter, or scoff along with the crowd, it gives the impression that whatever it is we’ve just affirmed, is not something we truly believe either.mon3Nowadays I choose who I share my dreams with very carefully. However, that doesn’t mean if asked, or if in a position to say them aloud to a group of random strangers, I wouldn’t do so. I’m not going to be ashamed for having big dreams and mon4working hard towards them. None of us should be.

We can’t stop others from thinking or feeling the way they do about anything we might tell them and it really makes no sense trying. In the same way, we shouldn’t hide or be ashamed of those things we want out of life, even if they seem like  tall orders in the eyes of others. Whose life is it anyway? When we keep this question close to our chests, it’s easier to stay grounded, unconcerned by what others think.


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