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SKINS (Quick Review)

I haven’t been watching much of anything this week, so thought it was a prime opportunity to share my favourite teen drama series. No joke, Skins is one of those shows that I’ve re-watched a few times (all seasons) and I still love it to pieces. I also find it a really good series to throw my head-space into when writing YA with particularly antsy teens¬†and it reminds me of my own teen years.skins5

The British series has seven seasons. Six of these are regular seasons, while the seventh is more of a mini-series that catches viewers up to the adult lives of some of the fan favourites. skins8

Seasons came to be known by their generations; here’s how it worked: Two seasons focused on a particular group of teens going to college and though there would be references to upcoming characters sometimes, this wasn’t notable enough until the group had graduated or moved on. What was always so great about this show was that the writers didn’t hide anything. The good the bad and the ugly was always on display for all to see. Viewers entered the characters’ home lives, saw how they interacted with their peers and felt their true emotions on an individual level, in the midst of the many – often crazy – situations that arose.skins3Though overall the show was quite well cast, I must tip my hat to a few that always stood out for me: Kaya Scodelario “Effy” – the enigma and always a fave of mine; Nicholas Hoult “Tony” – Effy’s brother and the one you loved to hate; Luke Pasquilino “Freddie” – heartthrob (and more) of the day; Jack O’Connell “Cook”; Dakota Blue Richards “Franky” – didn’t love her character but she played it very well; Lily Loveless “Naomi” – always took things in wonderful stride; Megan and Kathryn Prescott “Katie and Emily” – the twin sisters that made you reconsider always wanting a twin sister; Hanna Murray “Cassie” – a bit off but always knew what was really up even when no one else did; Lisa Backwell “Pandora” – the ‘Rose’ of the show (The Golden Girls reference); Alexander Arnold “Rich” – the metal head that fell in love with the ballerina and Jessica Sula “Grace” – the seemingly prim and proper ballerina.skins4

I wish I could mention them all, as each character had an important role to play in the show’s success. Many of the cast have since gone on to star in numerous movies and series and whenever I’ve been able to see their follow-ups, they continue to impress.skins6

So, if you’re looking for a gritty teen-show that you might not want to take home to your mother, Skins is for you :).skins7

Besides wondering if the line “I’m Cook!” will ever be topped in a teen show, I’ve been . . .skins9



Quickdates (quick updates)
skins21) Experiencing the feeling of absolute ‘yay!’ when something you’ve been waiting on for a while finally happens. I will tell you exactly what that is soon.

2) Setting up another business venture, one that won’t require as much time to run as some of the others. I literally figure however I can push, promote and generate income (legally), I’m there. Books and other projects need capital to continue progress ^_^.

3) Coming to terms with a new workout routine via a friend of mine. We begin next week . . . wish me luck ha.


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