Random Wednesdays: Challenge Accepted!

Hello lovely readers and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition :)!

I’ve set a few literary deadlines for myself in 2015 and have been quiet about them as I just kind of want to let actions speak for themselves. Thus far it’s been going okay with regard to work on the path to completion and hopefully by year’s end I’ll be able to share that I met these goals and finished all the writing projects I wanted to this year.wed1

As I’m writing, I often wonder which path I’m going to take with each project, in terms of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. While I’ve settled on a direction for a couple, there are others that are still very much up in the air. The main reason for this is that I don’t want to self-publish new series, books, etc, without the proper promotional effort behind them cause in the end, if no one knows a book’s there, how’s it going to get read? I’m still continuously carving out my author platform, trying to connect with all kinds of people within the industry and building up reviews, interviews, etc — all the things that allow an author and more importantly their work, to move into the limelight.wed2

While there are many amazing opportunities for my career on the horizon – most I can’t mention right now – until they’re realised I still have to put foot to pavement and make sure I do my part throughout the process. This can be a taxing experience mentally, emotionally and physically.wed3

Why am I telling you all this? Not sure really. I sat today to share a piece of flash or an excerpt, when these words decided to tumble out instead. I guess in summary it’s really a call to all those out there pushing the creative envelope (any envelope really). Those striving for success in their chosen fields — keep on keeping on. Don’t let negativity or obstacles deter you from your path. Accept the challenge ^_^.


The Wardens Series Season 1Here’s a quick quote anyway, taken from the upcoming, The Wardens Series Season Two (Episode 9: Honour). We enter as Leader of Clans Ricard makes a compelling argument:

~ “We do not hate werewolves, they are from us after all, our contention is with their rash and bizarre nature. Bellona managed to create a version of the species that can not only be controlled, but can control the females as well, this is an opportunity that cannot . . . will not, be missed.” ~



Find the first season of the 5-star supernatural thriller/fantasy episodic series here: The Wardens Series Season One


Are you pushing forward despite obstacles? Share with me in the comments below ^_^.

Thanks for joining me lovely readers and I’ll see you Friday :)!



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