Monday Insights: Superhero Tactics

choice1Everyday we make a series of important choices.

Whether we realise these choices are important or not at the time doesn’t matter, the truth is that every step we take, every movement, has a reaction that either has positive or negative results.

Sometimes I look around at what other people are doing and wonder if I’m doing enough. I know I’m just seeing their highlight reel, but as my mind tries to kick me in the face with it’s BS at times, I have those moments where despondence sets in. I felt this coming on recently after a particularly long bout with life’s crazy. The part of my mind that likes to play games and see me falter started laying into me, and if I’d let it, I would have probably ended up in a ball watching some show or other to take my mind off well, everything. Instead, I chose to use that onslaught for good. I flipped the script and told that niggling, annoying, side of me to back off and let me work.

choice2We’ve got to do that as often as we can. The naysayer inside our heads can be more vicious than any outside influence and nipping it in the bud is a necessity. My choice that day was to use it as fuel and press on as I needed to. The ironic thing about it was that as I pushed through the fog, I ended up being more productive than I had been for days before that. I was literally throwing my back into it and feeling amazing, as one after the other items on my list got checked off.

We are confronted daily by highlight reels and it can be easy to hone in on them and forget to focus. It’s of the utmost importance that in those moments choice3especially we keep on going. We have to use those feelings as fodder to get us to the next level. Be inspired to push even harder on our own projects. I won’t sit here and say that it will always be a walk in the park and yes, some days are harder than others, however, we can’t continually hold onto this as an excuse. Let’s use the power of our minds for good, even if it tries to sling muck at us, we’re the ones in control and we’re the ones that make the final decisions on how we’re going to approach or feel about things. Why not choose the path where there are positive results?


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