Friday Highlights 140!

POWERS (Quick Review)

pow1I just started this show after watching it sit in my download pile for a little while. Haven’t gotten far — haven’t even finished the first episode, but I can already see that fans of superheroes, anti-heroes, etc can get a kick out of this one. Oh and yes, it’s an adaptation of the Powers comic books series.

I’m not hugely into them (superheroes) myself, as I prefer vamps and werewolves to ‘Superman saving the city with his remarkable chest – cheap shot I know – but I do like the dark vibe that’s just under the surface in Powers.

In the Powers universe, humans and superheroes (called powers) co-exist and the latter side has pow2no problem showing off their abilities for the adoring public. Protagonist “Detective Christian Walker” (Sharlto Copley) used to be a power known as “Diamond” who was pretty famous, that is until his powers were taken away. Now he works for the Powers Division of the police department, while wrestling with old demons that haunt him daily. It’s evident early on that Walker misses his powers greatly, but is constantly trying to suppress these feelings.

pow3As I said I haven’t seen much of the show yet so my opinion on it isn’t fully formed, but I do think the supporting cast is doing a good job thus far. They include: Susan Heyward as “Deena Pilgrim” – Walker’s partner, Eddie Izzard as “Big Bad’ Wolfe” – who’s probably glad his legs aren’t being devoured by Hannibal anymore, Olesya Rulin as “Calista Secor” – a young girl who’s convinced she’s a power though none have manifest yet, Michelle Forbes as “Retro pow4Girl” – who I’m getting is going to be an important piece of this show’s puzzle, Noah Taylor as “Johnny Royalle” an arch-nemesis and Adam Godley as “Captain Cross” – a seemingly unassuming character so far.

So if you’re looking for a show with ‘amped up’ humans that don’t always have society’s best interests at heart, this one could be for you :).


pow5No quickdates (quick updates) today as honestly this week has been very much the same as the last few with regard to writing, working on projects and just general progress. Sometimes it feels as though everything is moving at snail’s pace, but I know that each slimy push forward is an inch closer to targets and goals. In summary, to anyone else out there who needs a pick-me-up — know that you’re doing the right thing, just keep focused on what needs to be done and power through ^_^.


That’s all from me today lovely readers, thanks for joining me and what’s your week been like? Talk to me in the comments below :)!


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