Random Wednesdays: #6months30books

Hello lovely readers and welcome to the midweek edition :)!

read1I’ve wanted to start back reading more and by extension reviewing, as I’ve fallen off on doing both things in the last months. June 2015 started my #6months30books promotion, which is basically one new book read and reviewed each week until the end of 2015. I can’t tell you how good it’s felt to dig in and sink my teeth into the work of other authors again ^_^. I’ve decided to tackle those genres I enjoy the most and these are mainly across the genres of speculative fiction, thriller, some chick lit, mystery and action & adventure.

read2All written reviews will be available on this blog and Amazon and, some books will also have an accompanying video review. Additionally, feel free to contact me at jackiejonesconnect@gmail.com if you’re interested in me reading and reviewing your book 🙂.

Read on below for this month’s chosen books and maybe you’ll find something in the pile that you’d like to check out :).


panic1Week 1: PANIC (Wildfire Chronicles Vol. 1) by K.R. Griffiths


Michael Evans is only in rural St. Davids to maintain a low profile after his time spent as a city cop ended in disaster. The town is perfect for him: isolated. A tiny population. Virtually no crime.
Until the night the strange canisters fall from the sky and the town priest starts killing people with his teeth. To Michael, the bloodbath looks like a murder case that the quiet town’s two police officers can’t possibly handle. But this isn’t just a crime scene. And the priest is just the beginning…


Week 2: MINDSPEAK (The Mindspeak Series Book 1) by Heather Sunseri


She was created for a purpose so revolutionary, someone was willing to kill for it.
Seventeen-year-old Lexi Matthews keeps two secrets from her elite boarding school classmates—she’s the daughter of a famous and controversial geneticist, and she can influence people’s thoughts.
But after new student Jack DeWeese heals her broken arm with an anything-but-simple touch, he forces Lexi to face a new reality—her abilities reach much further than speaking to the minds of others.
After Lexi’s father goes missing and she receives threatening emails, she can’t decide whether to fall into Jack’s arms or run and hide.
As Lexi seeks answers to what she and Jack are, she discovers a truth more unsettling than anything her science books can teach. And letting Jack into her life of secrets is not only a threat to her very existence, but it just might break her heart wide open.


read2Week 3: RYS RISING by Tracy Falbe


Packed with primitive energy, the intertwining stories of the Rys Rising fantasy world will indulge your cravings for intrigue, bravery, magic, desire, and freedom.




Week 4: LAND OF THE SHADOWS (The Legend of the Gate Keeper) by Jeff Gunzel


read4In a land teeming with corruption and immorality, where values are lost and your only hope for survival means ignoring your conscience and becoming as brutal as the rest, the innocent and the softhearted always end up last.
Eric Aethello thought he had his life figured out. The son of a blacksmith, he was born in the town of Bryer and spent all his life there, being trained to follow the footsteps of his father. One day his whole life is thrown into chaos when flying creatures attack his town. He’s uprooted from his familiar surroundings and forced to embark on a journey for answers after finding out his whole life has been a series of lies. Accompanied by the only true friend he has and by a beautiful girl with a mysterious, complicated past who saves his life, Eric heads to the kingdom of Taron, where he will start the journey that leads him to the fulfillment of his destiny.
A wonderful, intricately woven tale of heroes and villains, Land of Shadows is the first book in the Legend of the Gate Keeper Series, which follows a band of mismatched companions in a fantastical quest through long-forgotten lands.



See anything you like? And what are you currently reading? Share with me in the comments below ^_^.

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!





AWAKENING COVERPlease note: After this long break both parts of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’ on June 13, 2015. The remaining 4 chapters: Chapters 17-20 will be released on June 17 – 20, 2015! (DELAYS UNAVOIDABLE)

Look out for the Awakening Character Guide on June 6, 2015 and begin the story using the link above, as with only FIVE chapters left, you’ll want to catch up ^_^.

Remember you can also contact me for information about facilitating reviews, interviews, etc on this blog site ^_^.


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